awkward & awesome ~ krispy kreme edition

Ok, I promise that I will soon post pictures from the real camera, as this post and the last post are iphone photos. Anyway, we went to Krispy Kreme the other day and whatdoyouknow?! They're making fresh donuts. I'm sorry if you've never had a few-minutes-off-the conveyer-belt-krispy-kreme. They're beyond delicous. (Also, you must always wear the hats. It's mandatory.)


• You know you've read The Hobbit recently when your kitten's names are Sting, Fili, Kili, and Smaug. And your sister's two (short-term) frog pets were named Bifur and Bombur.

• That there's a certain chicken that always hangs out with the cats. Every morning when I go out to do chores...there's that chicken, among the cats, following me to eat.

• Today Ad says (after eating donuts from the said Krispy Kreme trip), "I know what I'm having for lunch! A salad. Come to me leafy greens!"

• Getting a free facial treatment from the steam of the hot water while doing dishes.;)

• Why is it always that when you took 2 mintutes to get ready and have no makeup on that you seen people you know?


• Getting family pictures taken of the 5 of us by Blue Lily.

• A smoothie made with almond milk and banana! I plan on sharing the recipie soon. See it here.

• That there are only 116 days til CHRISTMAS!!! See here.

• Bear in the Big Blue House on mom's phone during car rides for a certain baby sister who is not partial to her car seat.

• Mail! Letters from pen-pals and over-the-summer letters to keep in touch with friends who live nearby. Seriously. Snail-mail is just the best.


Catch ya later. Happy Friday. xo


the weekend


So...I guess a took a bit of an unannounced blogging break. I didn't exactly plan to, but life happens. And a little break was good. We've been busy, busy. And it may be this way around here until the school year is in full swing...but we'll see how it goes. :)

This weekend, after my sister turned thirteen (what?! how did this happen?), my familly went out of town and did some shopping for family pictures that are coming up. We stayed the night in a hotel with a clear elevator, fluffy pillows, and no free wi-fi. I sat in the hot tub that had large amouts of chlorine in it. I ate white flour, and dairy, and steak. We went to Firehouse Subs and almost went back the same day. We went to three different Targets. I got a stomachache and started reading Jane Eyre. We went to the shoe store and tried baby Sperry's on Charlotte.  I had my first Passion Tea Lemonade at the Starbucks. And Addy and I broke out doing some hammer time with trying on jeans in American Eagle. 

So, yeah, that's that and all around it was a great time.


Happy Sunday. xo.


friday favorites

...also, some pictures of me and my sisters with some starbucks. you're welcome. ;)

this pin [x]
this post on how to become a book reviewer [x]
blueberry cheesecake ice cream [x]
this pretiness [x]
going to the fair (more pictures to come on the blog) [x]
this fall outfit [x]
this quote/painting [x]
this look [x]


addy's swim meet

Addy's swim club meet was last week. She's a good swimmer. It was a nice warm day for the meet. Our grandparents came down to watch. We munched on sandwiches and vitamin water in the van inbetween her races. And I took pictures here and there.

xo || haley


5 on 5: august

{ o n e } pretty flowers on the porch
{ t w o } some nice toadstools in our yard ;)
{ t h r e e } holding charlotte
{ f o u r } reading
{ f i v e } celing fan

These last few days -- this last week -- has been a whirlwind of busy. But it's been good. And there are lots of posts to come.

For now, here's this month's 5 on 5 (only two days late ;)). (They're phone photos edited with VSCOcam, taken on the fifth.)

xo || haley


cowgirl dirt | product review

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When I first came across Cowgirl Dirt's website, I knew I wanted to try some of their products. Then I had an idea to do a product review and tell you all about it. So I contacted Cowgirl Dirt and they generously let me pick ten samples to review. They offer all natural cosmetics that are non-allergenic, gluten-free, sun-resistant, etc. with ingredient lists for all of them. See their about page for more information.
The samples arrived promptly, nicely packaged, and each container labled.

Here's what I picked and what I thought about them...
Mineral Powder Foundation
in Cremello Two

One thing I liked about ordering from Cowgirl dirt was that they had color guidlines for the foudation (see that page here). I decided on the Cremello Two. It blended well with my skin and I was very pleased with the coverage.
Silk Veil
in Palomino

I really liked this silk veil. It was lighter than the mineral powder (which I liked), but still had good coverage. The Palomino matched my skin well.
in Neutral Meduim

I was very pleased with this concealer. It concealed blemishes really well, a little went a long way, and the concealer itself was a nice smooth, creamy consistency. The Neutral Medium was the perfect color. (It also mixed well with the mineral powder and silk veil.)
Wild West Blush
in Ponderosa

A little went a loooong way with this product, too. The Ponderosa was a nice, natural color.
Silverado Cream Eyeshadow
in Sweet Cream

I'd never used cream eyeshadow before (and rarely wear eyeshadow at all), so I was interested to try this sample. I really liked it! It went on easily and was a smooth, creamy formula. I went with one of the lightest colors that matched my skin tone, because generally I can't pull off darker shades. However, I think I would like to try a fun color in this eyeshadow.
Rawhide Organic Facial Serum

Loved this facial serum! I used it before bed. It had a good smell and left my skin feeling soft, refreshed, and clean.
Deep Sea Masque 

This is really the only product I recieved that I wasn't satisfied with. I found that it was difficult to apply and I didn't care for the smell. Nevertheless, my skin felt soft and refreshed after rinsed.

in Cowgirl Pucker

This lipgloss was a good consistency (not sticky at all!). I'm not sure Cowgirl Pucker was a good color for me, as it looked a little purple-y on. But I was very pleased with the lipgloss itself.
Yeehaw Lip Tints
in Sea Biscuit & Secretariat

These lip tints were one of my favorite things to try. I picked the Sea Biscuit tint, as it looked like a color I would wear often. I like the natural look of it. 

Anddd...I saved the best for last. ;) The lip tint in Secreatariat was a fun color I picked to try out. It's definitely a trick to put such a bright color on when I have such light skin, without making it look sloppy. But, once I get it on right, I love the way it looks. (Also, I think it would be easier to apply in the usual chap-stick bottle it comes in.)

Overall, I really, really liked Cowgirl Dirt's cosmetics and would certainly purchase some of my favorites in full-size. Also, I was very pleased with how I didn't have to use very much for the product to do its job. And the fact that they're all natural? Score!

Thanks so much, Cowgirl Dirt for letting me review your products!

xo || haley


charlotte, meet rice cereal.

bibs are a new experience too ;)
Charlotte ate her first rice cereal recently.
How'd she get so big so fast?
She is wayyyyyyy adorable.