I've been posting everyday. That will change tomorrow as the week starts and school starts.

I've really been wanting to re-do my room. Ya. I just re-did it last summer. Wince.

Yesterday morning. Getting ready to mow the yard.

Mom: "You got dressed up to mow the yard?"

Me: "This is my 'farm look'."

Dad: "Is that lip gloss?"

Me: "Ya."

My allergies have been horrible lately. With corn allergies on top of regular seasonal allergies, there's hardly a moment when my eyes aren't itchy and my nose isn't runny. :(

I made chocolate chip pancakes before church this morning. This is my first batch above. I forgot to grease the skillet. Can't believe I posted that picture. (The other batches turned out better, just so you know ;))

What have you been doing lately?

haley ♥


  1. I'm thinkin the first batch of cc pancakes would have worked for me! Yum! Sorry about the corn thing. Those roasting ears look pretty good.

  2. I love the siding at the top. Your bog makes me think I might ought to try one! I love it. Should I call mine Chapter 60?? oooo Not nearly as cute as Chapter 13! Guess I better think on that one!!