a homemade christmas

With only five days til Christmas (whatttt?!), I thought I'd share with you the crafts from the A Homemade Christmas series I did last year. Just a few festive crafts that can be done with the supplies you have lying around....
Learn how to make three Christmas garlands!
Make your own rubber stamps out of erasers! Use them for a gift, to decorate your own wrapping paper, or on some cute little Christmas present tags.
Make a pillow out of an old t-shirt!
Make a wreath out of Christmas tree trimmings!
Click here for tutorial
Here's three step-by-step Christmas card tutorials!
Hope you're all having a great Christmas season so far. xoxo.


goin' on a tree hunt

We got our Christmas tree yesterday. It was overcast and chilly. The five of us bundled up, took the elf trail (and read all the silly little jokes), got a tree cart, and set off to find the perfect one. And of course there were plenty of pictures along the way....
getting bundled up
good lookin' family, even if i do say so myself :)
a christmas tree just charlotte's size
we love our baby roo
winner winner chicken dinner

And it's probably the best tree yet. xoxo.


5 on 5: december

December's 5 on 5 is here! The last 5 on 5 of the year. To be honest...part of me is like yahoooooo! But I'm also like, you know? I like the result of that. Overall I think, "that year went by so quickly". Anyway, these pictures are from the annual ladies Christmas Tea at church (where I always drink hot cocoa ;)) If you want to look at the whole year click here. Or you can view them individually here:

Believe it or not, though it's just the 9th, Christmas festivities and activities are all systems go. We've been busy, busy, busy as always. I do wish I had more time to blog. And I'm itching for a new look around this place, but these days I just seem to be asking, "where has the time gone?". I will try to make an effort to get more posts up in the coming days, though.

Also, just wanted to let you know that I took some time to reply to the recent questions in the comment section. So, if you've asked a question, be sure to check for an answer! And if you asked a question and I forgot to answer, feel free to ask again please!



book review // strait of hormuz by davis bunn

Strait of Hormuz

by Davis Bunn

332 pages
Published November 5, 2013
My rating // 4 out of 5 stars

About the Book

from Goodreads

The threat of an Iranian blockade of the narrow Strait of Hormuz is escalating global tensions. Sanctions against Tehran have begun to bite, and it seeks to retaliate by cutting off vital shipping routes for crude oil. The specter of a preemptive Israeli strike has US officials on edge as they struggle to keep the world from plunging into the abyss. 

Stymied in its efforts to uncover the sources of funding that bolster the Iranian nuclear program, the State Department calls on Marc Royce to investigate. With little to go on, he'll have to rely on an old ally. Kitra Korban has ties to people with the means to get things done, so long as no questions are asked. 

But Iran is on the brink of nuclear capability, and time is running out.

 My Review

The adventure in this book literally started on the first page and never stopped til the last. When I requested this book for the month, I didn't realize it was novel number three in the Marc Royce Adventures. Strait of Hormuz was preceded by Rare Earth and Lion of Babylon. Because I hadn't read those previous two books, there were some hints at Marc's past, which I didn't know about, as well as the history between Marc and Kitra.

Strait of Hormuz is wonderfully-written, the action scenes are thrilling, and I enjoyed it regardless of the fact that this is not the "typical" genre I read. The only con I have for it, is that at times I found it a bit difficult to follow along with all the new kinds of names and places.

It was a great book and I recommend it to you and look forward to perhaps reading the previous two books myself!

*I would like to thank Bethany House Publishers for providing me with this free copy of Strait of Hormuz by Davis Bunn. All opinions expressed here are my own and unbiased.*