christmas + winter days.

It's been nearly a week and a half since I was last here. Since then, Christmas has come and gone. Christmas Eve included a candle light service and dinner with family, and then to bed to be woken up by little sis on Christmas day at five o'clock am. Then to church and soon after to have supper, play games, and a slumber party with family.

1) paper snowflakes 2) wreath 3) our christmas tree 4) earrings i wore to the christmas eve service

The bad news is that mom's dSLR is out of order, the good news is that my new iPod touch is in order. (Ya'll will be seeing iPod and point-and-shoot photos until it's fixed.) Hands down, Instagram is my favorite app. Do ya have any app recommendations?

1) decorations 2) the top of my dresser 3) lights strung across my window 4) more lights

My room was decorated for Christmas with lights and Christmas tree trimmings. Even though it's been three days since Christmas, I haven't taken them down. In fact I think I'll leave them up for awhile longer ;) 

1) hey there :D 2) the new movie in the 'love comes softly series'! 3) the viking quest series 4) the first book

Now, after Christmas, the days are short and filled with reading (the Viking Quest series by Lois Walfrid Johnson -- must reads -- this is the fourth time I've read them and I just now own them). They're filled with movie-watching, cleaning up the after-Christmas mess, and then maybe some more reading.

1) starbucks is lovely 2) cookies 3) coffee 4) big chair at starbucks

Sometimes these days are spotted with trips to Starbucks for a chocolate chip cookie, some coffee, or hot chocolate. Sometimes there are moments driving down the highway, singing as loud as the volume will go up (granted, if you heard me sing, you'd probably run for cover), with the two out of three people I'm closest to.

1) chandiler  2) starbucks 3) note from little sis 4) pretty sunset

And now, even though it's not all that cold outside, a papery hot day of a scorching Indian summer sounds great right now. How were ya'lls Christmases? Happy Wednesday!



days of december.

Today it rained, then it poured, then it turned to ice and slush. Snow is expected tomorrow along with a high of thirty degrees. I think it's safe to say winter is here. Christmas is six short, busy days away. Where exactly did the time go? Two thousand twelve is almost here. I'm not sure I've had enough of two thousand eleven yet ;)

Shopping, decorating, and plan-making fill the remaining days before Christmas. Who's excited? I am. Nothing beats getting together with family, Christmas Eve church service (and this year, a service on Christmas day!) and celebrating the birth of Jesus, yes?

Usually I listen to an over abounding amount of Christmas music. Can't say I've listened to quite as much this year (I know, I know), but would you like a peek into my favorites as of late?

December is a busy and beautiful season and I love every bit of it -- Caroling, sweets, Christmas movies, picking out/making gifts, and the anticipation of seeing family -- what's not to love?

What are you most looking forward to about Christmas? Happy Monday!



embroidery hoop christmas wreath.

I love crafting. Sometimes ideas spill out, one over another. Other times I'm a little short on inspiration. December happens to be a time when I'm making lots of crafts (which explains the two tutorials in two weeks, view my last craft here). So, how about a Christmas wreath?

What you'll need: an embroidery hoop, yarn, fabric, cord, scissors, hot glue gun. (My fabric, cord, and hoop is thrifted.)

// step one // Make sure you're embroidery hoop is nice and tightened up. Place a dab of hot glue on your hoop, attach yarn.

// half-done //

// step two // Loop yarn around embroidery hoop and pull tight. When done, secure the end of the yarn with hot glue.

// step three // After the hoop is completely covered, cut a length of fabric, wrap it around a small section, and secure with hot glue.

// step four //  Again, using your hot glue, wrap the cord around the fabric.

// step five // Hang your wreath and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite Christmas craft? Do tell. Happy Friday!




Dollar store peel and stick mustaches = endless hours of fun. The hard part? Tearing them off. Happy Monday!


p.s. I'm sponsoring a giveaway over here at Ashlyn's 12 days of Christmas giveaway. Go check it out! Also, fifty-four followers. Say what? You guys are amazing.


the coat that went with many colors.

// i am a dork. seriously. //

I'm rather loving my winter coat. It goes with...well, everything. Which combo is your favorite? Photos credit of Little sis. Happy Tuesday!



glitter heart garland.

How about a little Sunday evening craft, ya'll? Even better, a craft with glitter. Because glitter always makes crafts more fun, yes?  You'll need: brown paper bags, spray adhesive, scissors, glitter, heart pattern, a pencil, and a sewing machine.

// step one // Trace hearts onto paper bags.

// step two // Cut out hearts.

// step three // Using your spray adhesive, sprinkle some of the hearts with glitter and let them dry. (I did two per garland.)

// step four // Sew hearts, one after another, into a garland.

// step five // Hang where you like.

Happy Sunday!


p.s. check out the new design! i may tweak it just a bit more. gray + mustard yellow = my new favorite color combination.