when skies are gray

shirt: hand me down, originally american eagle // skirt: old navy // scarf: hand me down // shoes: target

Would you believe me if I told you that it's actually chilly in July? It's no joke. These past few days have been a bit dreary and it rained all day today (hence the outfit photos taken on the porch to stay out of the rain).

This is the outfit I wore to church this morning. I paired two shades of gray together with a bright coral skirt and white sandals.

Today also included...a quick trip to the county fair, watching shows on Netflix, drinking coffee, and eating fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies. Ahhhh, I kind of like this whole break from the heat of July thing. ;)

xo || haley


thankful list {001}

thankful list {001}

a little (now five month old) baby who looks up at me with big blue eyes
waking up to the rain
taping pictures on my wall
finding lots of books at the thrift store (seriously, i got eleven for under $2.00. see here.)
relaxing/getting things done mornings
finishing the hobbit
starting my new moleskine 
(^^ those two on my summer list ^^)

xo. || haley

ps i guest posted here yesterday. go check it out.


driving into the sunset

Pictures from the car last evening when we were on our way home. Because how many times do you have your camera with you while driving into the sunset?

xo || haley


the blues

tank top: target // sweater: aeropostale // shorts: aeropostale // purse: target // shoes: sperry's
How is July nearly over? It's crazy how quickly this summer is passing.

This is the outfit I wore yesterday from 6am to 10pm. It was a big day of hanging out with family.

That purse (which you can see here, since I don't have a close up) I've had for about three days. I've been on the look-out for a smaller purse, because my other one (though I liked it and still like it a lot) is on the bigger side, and consequently I loaded as much stuff as I could into it. So when I found this one at Target the other day, it seemed the perfect size and a nice blue color.

Then I wore a blue tank top with dark blue deim shorts yesterday. How many shades of blue can you wear?

Happy Tuesday. xo.


charlotte rose | four months

One month photoshoot
Two & three months photoshoot

Charlotte is growing up fast. She's rolling over now and always chewing on her hands. You can now get her giggling and she smiles first thing when she wakes up. To say she's cute would be an understatement.

xo. || haley


like how the summer feels upon your skin

I wondered if I wanted to make a summer list this year. I mean, I make a to-do list every day of my life. But here it is, a more relaxed, little collection of things I'd like to do this summer. 

Write something and finish it (even if it's only two pages long)

Get a lot of books from the library (and read them hungrily like I used to)

Sleep on the trampoline (Addy has been wanting to have a camp-out on the trampoline for awhile now)

Make more thankful lists (Pretty much this means to write down more things at the end of the day or week, in my journal, that I'm thankful for)

Do a photoshoot by that ivy-covered wall (It's just so pretty-looking)

Start my new journal (First unruled moleskine)

Stay off the internet/computer/ipod for a day (This needs to happen)

Lay a quilt on the yard and read (Doesn't that sound wonderful?)

Finish the Hobbit (So close to being done with it)

Fill my sketchbook (Awhile back I got a little blank book for sketches, but haven't filled it very faithfully, this summer I want to put lots in it)


What's on your summer list? xo.

ps Post inspiration here. Post title, this song.


the messy, the beautiful

I just got back this weekend from a youth camp/retreat.
These are some pictues of my room today before I cleaned it up, unpacked my suitcase, and did laundry.
But sometimes messy is beautiful.


sweet summertime // sunday style

tank top, old navy // skirt, old navy // belt, thrifted // shoes, target // earrings, old navy
I'm going to be gone for the next few days.
But, I'll leave you with this very summer-y outfit I wore to church last Sunday.
Have a great rest of your week! xo.

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independence day || 5 on 5: july

Five on Five, July

July fourth & fifth

A little DIY & outfit

shirt, old navy || shorts, cut-offs || belt, thrifted || headband, scrap of a bandana || flip flops, target

Picture overload much? I'm combining a few posts into one.

These are the promised pictures of the fourth of July. We had two celebrations. One the fourth and one on the fifth.  First off is this month's 5 on 5. (A little late, again...but, better late than never.) The second batch  of photos include some family photos and both the fourth and fifth's fireworks.

Lastly, I got some jeans (Target's Mossimo brand) at Goodwill to experiment with cut-offs. First I tried the jeans on, then took a permanent marker (in hindsight I would have used something washable) and marked where I wanted to make the first cut (starting just above my knee), then went from there, marking and cutting until I had them the length I wanted them. 

Note: If you lay the jeans flat, cut one pant leg the desired length, then fold them in half, it gives you a nice guide for the other pant leg. 

Then, I washed them to get a nice fray around the edge. I wore that outfit on the fourth of July (notice the blue headband/bandana and red nails ;)).

Hope you all had a great fourth! How did you celebrate? xo.