awkward & awesome || sunday style

top: hand-me-down, originally old navy // skirt: target // belt: from this skirt (maurices) // shoes: target // earrings: target


- Getting a serious blister on my finger from trying to open a Gatorade bottle.

- Pushing a cart through the grocery store (we are a two-cart-parade now -- one for groceries, and one for the car seat ;)), I have the one with the empty car seat in it while Dad carries Charlotte through the store. People pass me and look obviously at the cart, "Where's the baby?". (This has happened more than once.)

- That tomorrow is July first. WHERE IS SUMMER GOING.

- How very, very messy my room can get. #keepingitreal

- Trying on what you thought was a cute skirt at Goodwill. It turned out looking like a balloon. Also, those nearly white denim, flare, short pants. Awkward, awkward, awkward.

- Realizing that apparently I have a problem looking at the camera. I just naturally look down or turn my head. ;)


- Reading a whole book in one day.

- There's a new pizza joint where we go to town for our shopping needs. Pizza at midnight on the way home twice in a row. Ohhhhh yeahhhh. And  I mean it is good pizza.

- How if Charlotte fusses, she likes/calms when you hold her hands.

- A trip to Goodwill. A book I've never read before for 59 cents, a pair of shorts, and a pair of jeans to experiment with cut-offs (will probably be sharing soon).

- That my sister is so willing to take my outfit photos for me. Thank youuu, Addyyyy.

- Planting a little pot of flowers. Some double inpatients (in a peachy color) and a little vine-y plant.

- A nice 80-degree weather weekend.


Some awkward and awesomes from recently. That outfit above is what I wore to church today. 
Have a great week! xoxo.


going on a walk

little cutie in the stroller
Pictures from an evening walk we went on this week • 06/26/13

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just slightly altered

Right now, I don't have an enormous amount of time for sewing and craft projects, but on Saturday while I was cleaning my room (it needed to happen) and sorting a few winter clothes out of my closet, this dress (above, left) caught my eye. It was a hand-me-down but was a little on the short side. I'd worn it before with leggings, but I really hadn't worn it in a good long while.

I got the idea that if I just took off the tank top part of it, the bottom would be left and would make a nice skirt that I would wear more often. So, I ripped out the seam that held the top and bottom of the dress together, above the waistline, and wha-la! I wore this skirt to church on Sunday. See my outfit below. There was no sewing required and the raw edge tucks nicely into the waistline.
shirt: target // skirt: hand-me-down, altered // belt: thrifted // shoes: target // earrings: old navy
This weekend was a blast, I'd say. On Saturday Dad and Ad ran their first 5k together. We all got up at the crack of dawn and went into town to watch them run. Then we watched a parade and got some carnival food (e.g. funnel cake, snow cone, roasted corn, etc.). Yesterday (Sunday) was church and lunch with family, then swimming and dinner with family. (I got to see all my grandparents in one day!)

How was your weekend? Happy Monday. xo.


things from around the farm

i. Kittens are cute. The end.
   I named my little gray one Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy. Yep.

ii. Mom got some hydrangea bushes.
   They're pretty.

iii. Last week our brome was baled up.
    I always love how it looks.


twelve o'clock at the park

tank top: target // jacket: old navy // shorts: aeropostale // flip flops: old navy (of course) // sun glasses: target
On Friday around noon, we all went to the park to eat lunch. We ate sandwiches to-go from a little place in town (and tried to hold down the styrofoam boxes with whatever we could -- it was windyyyyy). Ad and I played on the swings for a bit, as well. ;)

And here's another outfit post -- so soon! You can go here to Megan's blog, where I'm guest posting today, to see another summery outfit and a recipe.

Happy weekend. xo.


yesterday, today, & lately

shirt & earrings: old navy // skirt & belt: maurices // shoes: target

Today is Tuesday. Yesterday was the last day of Driver's Ed classroom work (I've been going over the last two weeks). Yesterday afternoon it was hot outside and inside. Therefore, today was the first full day that that air conditioning was on. Today was also a nice, lazy morning spent on the porch and a book study this evening.

Other things from lately....

ONE: i got a succulent. It still needs to be put in a flower pot, but for now it's on my window sill looking very photogenic.

TWO: we have kittens on the farm! (Anyone want a cat? ;) There's finally, finally a gray and white one with a pink nose.

THREE: i wore that outfit in the pictures above to church on Sunday and thought I'd share it with you, because I really would like to do more outfit posts.

FOUR: i changed up the blog design a bit. (There's also a few updated pages.)

Happy Tuesday. xo.


5 on 5: june

o n e        iced cafe mocha
t w o        little white flowers
t h r e e   driver's ed book
f o u r      lace curtains
f i v e       sperry's. like everyday.

(posted on the 8th, taken on the 5th)


It feels like I haven't posted in forever. Well, it hasn't been forever. It really hasn't even been that long.

These days my room is messy, the dates in my journal have large(ish) gaps between them, books go unread -- but life goes on. I'm enjoying going and doing.

I'll probably be back to regular posting soon, in the meantime here's this month's 5 on 5. xo.