hiya peeps. spring is dawning! the sun is shining! spring always holds for me a lot of plans, and plans long-awaited now possible. this is especially true this year.

i've decided to take a hiatus from blogging. now, i know that i don't post a whole bunch in the first place. however even when i'm not posting i am thinking about posting. it has me not blogging to the best of my ability and half doing other things.

i'm working on finishing up my sophmore year of high school, among other things, that take a good deal of time.

don't take this as good-bye or anything. this is simply me taking a little break, which i've mulled over for awhile. working on time management.

i hope to be back somewhere around the end of spring/beginning of summer.

i'm thankful for all of you who follow along. see you soon!

xo hj

pssttt. while i'm gone you can see pics on my instagram, see what books i'm reading on goodreads, and check out my pins here.


#1top3days / day 3

Hey you guys! It's the thrid and final day of the 1 button down, 3 ways, 3 days challenge! I've really enjoyed this challenge! It's been fun finding different ways to style this top. 

Today I went with jeans and flats, and added a scarf. I looped the scarf around my neck, then tied it to the side. It makes it a lot less fussy, as I don't have to constantly be adjusting it. 

button down / gap
jeans / american eagle
scarf / gap
flats / target
sunglasses / target
watch / target

have a great day! hj


#1top3days / day 2

It's the second day of the 1 button down, 3 ways, 3 days challenge! Today is deceivingly sunny, it's actually quite cold. I paired the button down with my maxi skirt, tied the shirt up to give it a different look, and added the coral tank underneath for a pop of color.

Can I just sing the praises of maxi skirts for a second? A solid black one is really a must-have. It's so so versatile! And comfortable! Since it was a bit chilly today and there was a good deal of wind, I wore leggings underneath it.

button-down / gap
tank / target
maxi skirt / target
flats / target
necklace / made & given to me last chirstmas
sunglasses / target

two days down, one day to go! hj


#1top3days / day 1

At the last-minute I decided to join the 1 button down, 3 ways, 3 days challenge that these lovely people are doing: the Boyer Family Singers, Olivia, Ashley, and Callie. I picked my trusty light blue and white, pinstriped button down for this and am having fun brainstorming different ways to style it.

Today is the second in a row that has been gray, dreary, and foggy weather-wise. So I went with jeans, boots, and a cardigan as it's a bit of a chilly early spring day.

button down / gap
cardigan / hand-me-down merona brand (target)
jeans / american eagle
leg warmers / target
boots / jcpenny
necklace / target

Looking forward to the next two days of the challenge! hj