she grows tall

Her hair streamed (and streamed is a very good word to use for it)
behind her
It blew over her face as it was teased by the wind,
She laughed and cried by turn,
and smiled about it later,
She looked and she learned and she turned around,
She lives with spirit and zest, 
and can hardly be stopped,
She's not easily haunted by the past,
for she knows the power of Him who she's put her trust in.
She loves and gives,
and laughs and grins,
She chatters and talks,
but is somewhat more serious
She grows tall, 
She looks at it all,
and she says, 'Oh, I am so blessed'.



laura noel | portraits

Laura is my aunt. We're only seven years apart -- and no doubt we have some fun times together. Most recently, she came down to visit us for a week. And so she, Addy, and I made cake pops (note: melt chocolate slowly) while listening to music and snapchatting. And she cleaned our house and we painted our nails. 

One of these days, we ventured outside to take some pictures. They quickly added up to 137 and we came back with cold faces and hands. And that was yet another fun time. 

We laughed a lot.


and they all took flight

We crawled up the dam to the pond,
I peeked over the edge and took a picture,
not the last.
And all of the pelicans took flight.
They flew off the pond --
I thought they were gone for good.
But that is not their way.
They came back,
again and again.
They flew overhead with a great swoosh
as their wings broke the wind,
and I hope you know what that sounds like --
pelicans flying overhead.

Some pictures and a little piece of writing of some sort from the day the pelicans came close to our house.

ps // i spruced up the design. i was itching for a change and thought you might be too. also, there's an updated 'favorites' page.


april showers bring may flowers....

"Oh, Mummy, hasn't the world got its face washed nice and clean?" cried Di, on the morning the sunshine returned." 

The Anne of Green Gables series || L.M. Montgomery

Today it rained just a little, but the sky has been holding it in for days; staying gray and expressionless. But after it rained there was that certain look to the landscape that comes after it rains, when it truly looks like the world has got its face washed nice and clean. The trees are a little darker and the light a little glow-ier and the air not so humid.

And after all this, I went outside and took some pictures, just snapping away. Eventually I realized it was rather cold. (Snow is expected for tomorrow after 70-some degree weather for the last week. Hmmmmm....) But you can see signs of spring if you look closely. There's a little, yellow forsythia bloom next to the porch in the bare flower bed. There's leafy blooms on the trees. And there's grass all over the ground -- some sprouting just now, and some gather tall in funny little tufts.

I'm glad spring is pretty much here.