the formal dress.

This previous weekend my kind friend invited me to a purity banquet at her church. I was, of course, delighted and excited to come. One of the parts I looked forward to was, none other than...dressing up. I'd never worn a formal dress out in my life. Never. Their church generously offered us the loan of closets full of formal dresses. I found a black dress and although it had a square neckline and a serged hem, it fit me perfectly and had a full, flowing skirt. Not to mention, it was comfortable. But black isn't my color, so just to be sure we couldn't find anything else, we stopped by a thrift store.

We found one. A pretty pink floor-length dress. My family thought it was great. My parents said they would buy it, even if I didn't wear it that weekend. Mom thought the pink one looked best. Addy pretended to cry as she envisioned me leaving for college one day and insisted that she would shred any acceptance letters that dare come near our mailbox.

Still, I wasn't sold; so we left the store and I tried on the black one again. The next day we went back to the thrift store and I tried on the pink one again. Maybe I've read too many books, but somehow this dress didn't seem very poetical to me. I told dad that I'd never read a book that had a dress made out of polyester and adorned with fake diamonds and sequins in it. He said, "There's one in your book." 

In the end, after trying both dresses on again, I decided on the pink one you see in the pictures with a white sweater, silver shoes, and a yellow daisy in my hair. The evening at the banquet went fine (with only a few embarrassing moments that I couldn't slip by without ;). I only stepped on my dress once, somehow managed not to drop food in my lap, remembered to sit up straight half the time, and laughed in abundance with friends.

And that is the story of my first formal. Dad was right; there was a pink, formal, polyester dress in my book. In chapter fourteen. 


scenes of valentine's day

Valentine's Day was filled with a snowy photo shoot, lots of cupcakes, frosting, sprinkles, fancy pasta for dinner, laughter over the expression on dad's face as he took a bite of Addy's "surprise cupcake", and this song played over and over again. How did you celebrate Valentine's Day last week?


addy grace

"A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, and a golden thread to the meaning of life."
-Isadora James

My sister. She's cute. She'll make you laugh. She's a farm girl through and through. She has golden, strawberry, brown hair and sparkly blue eyes. She has some serious dance moves. She'll watch the Anne of Green Gables movies with me anytime. We're opposites in a lot of things an the same in others. All in all, we really are the best of friends.

p.s. new design? i was going to wait until march, but i was craving a change. thoughts?


handkerchief bunting

Valentine's Day is right around the corner (literally -- it's tomorrow), so how about a festive little garland? It' extremely simple, quick, and easy. Com'on I'll show ya...

-a handkerchief 
-glue gun
-a triangular stencil -- i cut mine out of heavy paper

{step one} Lay out handkerchief and trace your shape onto it using your stencil and pencil, then cut them out with your scissors.

{step two} Lay the triangles right-side down and place a thin line of hot glue across the top edge. Do this with all your pieces, leaving as little or as much space as you like between triangles.

{step three} Hang your bunting where you like and enjoy!

Happy Monday, readers.


weekend ramblings

        inspiration photo from pintrest

This week -- well I have to tell you that I didn't exercise everyday this week like I had aspired to do. Why? Because every move I made was a miracle. Lets just say I did exercise on Monday and today is the first day that I'm not gruesomely sore from just that one work out. Three words: out of shape.

My room is pretty much an ever-changing whirl of my hairbrain ideas in the form of diy projects. One of my most recent additions (above) has become a favorite. I hung it over my bed and retired my heart garlands. Although last night it dropped from it's place on my wall and landed fearfully close to my head. Note to self: do not hang heavy objects over bed using nothing but decorative masking tape ;)

And to nearly finish off a week full to the top, today I time spent working on and photographing for some of the posts ya'll will be seeing next week, reading, hanging out with little sis, and drinking hot chocolate after a photo shoot outside.

How was your week?


snow dusted hills.

Yesterday I awoke to my alarm beeping and I accordingly rolled out of bed to stop it. As I looked out my bedroom window -- something I've come to automatically do each morning -- I glanced half asleep at the farmilar scene, then looked back again. A fresh sprinkling of snow was strung across our yard. I smiled and climbed back under the warm covers.

Later into the morning we were driving across the dim landscape that was graced by the dark silhouettes of spiny trees and a floor of white dust. Something about the display made me grin and a flood of of happiness mixed with anticipation went through me. I was excited for the day. It was going to be a good one.

And it was a good day. A day filled with friends and family, laughter, and times I'll never forget.


aspirations of this week.

aspirations plural of as•pi•ra•tion (Noun)
"A hope or ambition of achieving something."

I'm honestly not sure how I would make it without to-do lists. I write out one mostly everyday; for school, for things I need to get done, and occasionally for things like reading and blogging. They help me to keep my brain tasks and ambitions straightened out. Sometimes my my to-do lists are long and other times they're short and simple. Sometimes I get everything done and sometimes I don't. 

And my constant to-do's/aspirations for this week? Exercise and get up at seven o'clock every morning (as in every morning, ahem). Do you make to-do lists?

Happy Monday!