lunch at the park.

I wanted to post this picture last posts with the picture of the belt, but Picnik would't work and this picture wouldn't rotate.

We went to the park today to eat lunch with Dad. It was fun. I have limited time to write this so it's going to be short and sweet, but here it goes...

Ok, use your imagination on this one ya'll. ;) Doesn't it look like it says 'love'. Kinda? Ok, not really.

Happy Tuesday!



my sunday.

My Sunday started with Sunday school...

And wearing my new belt... (99 cents at Goodwill. 99 cents I'm tellin' ya.)

Then a birthday party...

With ice cream cake...

And sunshine and a swimming pool...

And photography...


How was your Sunday?



room ideas.

Little sis and I are going to switch rooms soon....and re-decorating! Still working on colors, bedspreads, et cetera. But, here's some color options:

Room #1.

Something colorful like this?

Room #2.

Or something more neutral like this?

Room #3. {like no. 2}

Number two and this one are pretty much the same.

I tend to like #2 and #3 the most with the neutral colors.

Which one do you like best?

haley ♥

my sister.

My sister. She's cute. She's funny. She plays doctor. 

(The reason most of these are in black & white is because the artificial light in the evening was horrible. Black & white helps mask that a little.)

I like her.

Happy Friday!

haley ♥


makes me smile.

My morning got off to a rather rough start. Ok-let's just say it-I had a bad day. I woke up tired.

I found that the dye from my purple tank top had bled into the white stripes, making them pink. And gushed deep purple dye on my new light blue shirt.

I got a bad grade on my language arts lesson and couldn't keep straight the three wars in history.

Alright. I really have nothing to complain about. Seriously. But, here's some things that make me smile on days like these...

Funny cat pictures.

Lime Ricki.
Couple days ago I found a great swim suit at Lime Ricki Swimwear. I was so excited! And so happy to find a  modest, cute, on sale swim suit! (Not sure if it fits yet. Should get it in a few days!!)

Mom brought me a Hershey's candy bar while I was doing school. Love. Thanks Mom! :D

Love Comes Softly books. Or, any Janette Oke book. :D (Oh ya, this might be my second or third time reading this series. Love it.)

"There is no pit so deep that God's love is not deeper still..." 
-Betsie Ten Boom

What makes you smile?

Have a great Thursday!

haley ♥


rainy day.

I love rainy days.

Love the way they smell. ;)

It's relaxing to go to sleep with a good thunderstorm outside.

What do you think about rainy days? Yay? Or nay?

Happy Wednesday!

haley ♥


golden light and garden planting.

Golden light? Ya. You know, in the evening, just before the sun sets, it casts its warm rays over the earth. It's beautiful. And it's great for taking pictures ;)

Also, before the sun set, Mom and Dad worked on planting the garden. This is what little sis and I were doing...

It was fun.

The end.

haley ♥



I've been posting everyday. That will change tomorrow as the week starts and school starts.

I've really been wanting to re-do my room. Ya. I just re-did it last summer. Wince.

Yesterday morning. Getting ready to mow the yard.

Mom: "You got dressed up to mow the yard?"

Me: "This is my 'farm look'."

Dad: "Is that lip gloss?"

Me: "Ya."

My allergies have been horrible lately. With corn allergies on top of regular seasonal allergies, there's hardly a moment when my eyes aren't itchy and my nose isn't runny. :(

I made chocolate chip pancakes before church this morning. This is my first batch above. I forgot to grease the skillet. Can't believe I posted that picture. (The other batches turned out better, just so you know ;))

What have you been doing lately?

haley ♥