operation christmas child.

"Why don't you break my heart, til it moves my hands and feet"
// listen here //

This Thursday thru Saturday, our church's youth group went to Denver, Colorado. You are probably familiar with OCC. We volunteered at the processing center there for a day and a half. One of the best things you'll ever do over Thanksgiving break.

Thousands of shoe boxes and I was blessed to have a little part in it. The boxes we helped process were headed to children in Mexico and Haiti, where they'll be given a shoe box gift and the Gospel message will be presented. 


Do you pack Operation Christmas Child boxes? 

Happy Sunday!



good-bye virginia.

>> good-bye pretty fall leaves
>> good-bye extremely sweet tea
>> good-bye peebles

>> good-bye tall, skinny trees
>> good-bye curvy roads
>> good-bye week-end traveling

>> good-bye warmer weather (oh yes, it's in the sixties and seventies here...and it's november)
>> good-bye southern accents
>> good-bye virginia

Due to packing and the large amount of traveling we have ahead of us, posts may be few and far between for just a bit. I'll be back to blogging soon!

My posts on Virginia:

Have a lovely rest of the week!


p.s. what do ya'll think of the new design?


the weekend.

Saturday we picked my grandpa up. He came out to surprise his brother (see our first trip to Uncle Brian's house here and here). Let me tell you. Too much fun.

// uncle brian, little sis, my grandpa, me //

This weekend included kayaking, a mad game of dominoes, lots of mini chocolate donuts, word searches and sudoku, crab melts and crab cakes, and lots of pictures.

What did you do this weekend?


p.s. On a side note, one of my pictures was used in a greeting card set over at KBR Ministries! Go check their website out here and buy the set of cards here.


colonial williamsburg [part two].

I guess I don't have to tell you how much I really really loved Colonial Williamsburg. Everything there brings you back to the eighteenth century. There's lots of shops to see there. One of my (many, many) favorites was the wig shop.

Another of my favorites was the millinery, where everyone used to get their fabric goods, their dresses, and trims, et cetera.

One of the most impressive buildings we toured was the governor's palace. It was absolutely huge, and was decorated with everything from scary-looking weapons, to fine, dainty china.

My favorite was the girls' room. The frame of the bed is painted with the same pattern as the Indian dyed cloth. Oh yes.

Another of my favorites (who am I kidding? i liked it all) was a street performance.

 // hey look, it's Layafette //

Have ya'll ever been to Colonial Williamsburg? If so, what was your favorite part?

Happy Wednesday!



colonial williamsburg [part one].

Brick sidewalks, coarse white napkins, ginger cakes, drums, unrefined sugar. My family and I spent the weekend in Colonial Williamsburg; it was so so so so so much fun. I'll save you the history lesson, but it's set around the time when America was declaring its independence from the king. It has to do with the Boston Tea Party, George Washington, Lord Dunmore, et cetera. 

There is no way you can see everything there in only two days. First we stopped by the silversmith's shop. All the people who work there are fully dressed in colonial-style clothes.

We saw the printing press room. 

We stopped by and looked through their market.

// deck of old-fashioned cards //

For a lunch we ate at The King's Arms Tavern. Mom and Dad got corn chowder and Little sis and I got ham and cheese sandwiches. If you ever go to Colonial Williamsburg and eat at one of the taverns, you must try their root beer. It's absolutely delicious.

We went to the apothecary and saw all the old-fashioned medicines. 

So that's a little glimpse of day one :D More coming soon!