crabbing 101.

Right now I'm sitting on my temporary bed, curled up in a quilt, wearing a long-sleeved shirt, laptop on my knees. It's cold outside. 52 degrees actually. But, here's some pictures of when it wasn't so cold. We went sailing with my Mom's uncle (here). He also taught us how to catch crabs. Would you like to learn too?

First you pull your trap out of the water and hope there's some crabs in it. Then you measure them and throw back the little ones and the females, and keep the big ones. The female crabs have red claws, or "painted nails" (below).

Then you put them in a nice little bucket for safe keeping while to re-fill your trap with not-so-lovely dead fish for bait. Then, you throw it back in...

(photo credit, mom)

Then you steam the crabs. And eat them. Just so you know, I didn't eat any crab. At all. 

Now you know how to catch a crabs. Happy Sunday!


p.s. also notice -- no boarders on my photos, yay! and go grab my new button >>


on the water.

Are ya'll ready for some more our trip so far? My family went sailing. As in, on a boat. As in, on the water. No joke. Since we were sailing out-of-season, it was a little chilly, but refreshing too. The great part is that sailing is one of the few water-activities where you can take your camera along ;)

// can you have too many pictures of your moccasins? //


We also went on a faster boat and picked up some pizza -- the first pizza I'd ever seen with shrimp and crab on it. Honestly, I didn't eat it, and stuck with the plain cheese.


We went kayaking too. I must say, that was my favorite.


How about you guys -- what's your favorite activity on the water?

Happy Thursday!



bloom where you're planted.

I think once you take pictures long enough, you start to see things as pictures. When I got these moccasins, I could see some good pictures coming from them. So anyway, want to see some moccasin photos and fun pictures with the self-timer?

Little Sis got some moccasins too. New. favorite. picture.

Little sis and me.

My moccasins.

Little sis' moccasins.

And now would you like to make something delicious and easy? How about pumpkin spice chocolate chip cookies?

>> Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Spice Cookies

one spice cake mix
one can pumpkin
half a bag of chocolate chip

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Throughly mix together spice cake mix and the whole can of pumpkin. Add chocolate chips. Place dough by the spoonful onto cookie sheet. Bake for 10-15 minutes, or until cooked through. Cool on rack. Enjoy!

More pictures of traveling coming next. Happy Tuesday!


P.S. What do you think of the new design?


the first of our trip.

Are ya'll excited? I'm back! After a little over a week without internet, I have lots of pictures for you guys. 624 to be exact. So, lets start at the I said before, my family is temporarily living in Virginia for some of my Dad's work. We drove the long long long hours here.

Everything out here is trees and mountains -- very different from Kansas. On the way, we stopped at a scenic overlook. A nice person took out picture.

// hey dad //

That's the first of our trip. More photos coming soon.  Happy Monday!



hello and goodbye.

Dear lovely readers,

Hey! Just thought I'd give ya'll the heads up that, at the moment, I have no internet connection. However, I have tons of pictures, lots of posts planned, and hopfully a little design change for when we do get internet! You'll hear from me soon!

Happy Friday!




Two days. Six states. Eight hundred miles.
It's called a roadtrip.

My family and I are temporarily "setting up camp" in Virginia; for some of my Dad's work.

The drive has been long, but pretty. The fall scenery is beautiful.

In Kansas, the landscape is relatively flat -- out here there's mountains. There's also more traffic than I've ever seen in my whole life ;)

I caught a glimpse of the St. Louis Arch (sadly, it was nightime and I can't take a nightime picture for the life of me).
It was big -- I mean huge.

Driving over all the bridges was gorgeous also.

 // Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuchino? Yes please. //

What's your favorite part of traveling?