golden light

These days, I've been spending lots of time with my nose in a book. Today I realized I hadn't even really been on the computer itself for a couple days or so. This evening, I was going up to my room with an armful of library books and planned on burying myself in the last Anne of Green Gables book. But when I opened my door the room was bathed in golden light, so I picked up the camera and snapped away.


awkward and awesome thursday, v. ii


-Eating chocolate cake and veggie pizza for breakfast, in that order.

-Stepping on a wasp (awkward and painful).

-Skipping and singing through the aisles in the grocery store, because it's late and we almost have the whole store to ourselves.

-Going into the children's room at the library to get the books I want.

-After taking pictures of these lemons, using them as cleanser for my face.

-Learning how to shoot and reload a BB gun while wearing a skirt.


-New books from the library.

-Playing twister with my sister and cousin.

-Watching "Leave it to Beaver" with Addy (black and white t.v., baby).

-Air conditioning. Enough said.

-Sunday-evening visit from my grandma, grandpa, and cousin.

-New rings from Target.

-Addy doing all the chores for me this morning.

Happy Thursday!


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Just a little peek into my istagram photos from this summer. Happy Monday!