in the kitchen

Our kitchen. It's the place where all our family, slowly but surely, gathers in on holidays and birthdays. (It doesn't matter where I serve my guests, they seem to like my kitchen best. Very true.) It's the place where we cook our meals. It's where our dishes and our food are stored. It's the place where we talk and the place I creep down to before bed to get a glass of water. It's the place where baking is whipped up and put in the oven. It's the place where school science experiments have been done. It's the place where the dishwasher hums and the faucet runs often. It's the place with the big window behind the sink that looks out to our tree line and swing set. It's the place where we greet Dad when he comes home from work. It's the place where we laugh and joke. It's the place where we sit by the counter and eat lunch or grab a snack. It's the place that good smells come drifting out of during dinnertime. It's the place that we come into after doing chores in the morning. It's the place that's always warm. Our kitchen. I like it.


awkward and awesome thursday, v. iii


-Watching Dad and Addy play frisbee while one of our cats sits between them, and when the frisbee flies over her head, the cat leaps for it. We have a cat that plays...frisbee?

-When your shopping list is rubber boots and powder/foundation.

-Accidentally knocking over my clean pile of dishes and it making a lot of noise while we have company.

-Walking down our driveway to put a letter in the mailbox, the wind blowing the envelope out of my hands, and having to run after it.

-Trying to climb on top of a woodpile.

top: target handmedown, altered by me | capris: aeropostale | undershirt: old navy handmedown | necklace: gift, etsy | earrings: target | ring: target | anklet: made by me


-Getting the craft room cleaned up.

-Working on a new look for the blog. (It's coming along, slowly but surely, and should be on display soon-ish.)

-Rain and cooler weather.

-Getting ready for Addy's twelfth birthday party. 

-Going to a health food store and picking up a package of Matt's Real Chocolate Chip Cookies. So good.

What are some awesome and awkwards from your week? Happy Thursday!


a day at the ballgame.

Recently we took a fun little weekend trip to a baseball game. We found our seats and settled in. We ate food from the vendors. We watched the game as it started to rain a little, then looked as a rainbow appeared in the sky and slowly disappeared. After the game Building 429 played. And before heading home we stopped for some Krispy Kreme donuts.

We spent a day at the ballgame.


how i make iced coffee

Brew one cup of coffee.
Stir in 1-1 1/2 spoon fulls of sugar, then chill coffee and sugar mixture in freezer for seven minutes.
After coffee is chilled, add 1/4 cup milk and stir in.
Add dark chocolate almond milk to taste (optional).
Fill glass with ice and pour coffee in.
Drizzle chocolate syrup over coffee (optional). Enjoy!


1 cup coffee
1-1 1/2 spoonfuls of sugar
1/4 cup milk
dark chocolate almond milk to taste (optional)
chocolate syrup (optional)

Brew coffee. Stir in sugar, then chill coffee and sugar mixture in freezer for seven minutes. After coffee mixture is cooled, add milk and stir in. Add almond milk to taste and stir in (optional). Fill glass with ice and pour coffee mixture in. Drizzle chocolate syrup on top (optional). Enjoy!


scenes from july

r e f l e c t i o n
b e e t s  f r o m  t h e  g a r d e n
s t a r b u c k s  o n  t h e  r o a d
s p i d e r w e b
t o m a t o  o n  t h e  w i n d o w  s i l l
c l o u d l e s s  s k y
y e l l o w  t a n k  t o p
s w i m m i n g
f i n i s h e d  t h e  s e r i e s
t o - d o  l i s t s
t h e  m o o n

A montage of a few events from July and some of my favorite photos from recently. Happy first day of August!