well, as you can see, it snowed in march. i know, that i, at first, was thinking "noooooo it's supposed to be springgggggg." ha. on the bright side, though, it was the most beautiful snowfall of this winter (in my opinion)...even if it was in march.

other things as of late...

-reading mere christianity by c.s. lewis. SO GOOD.

-inadvertently teaching charlotte to say "oh my goodness" and put her had over her mouth in surprise.

-trying to hunker down and read some more. still on the first part of the two towers by tolkien, but making progress

-getting a calligraphy pen and ink! it's a long time dream of mine come true, you guys. you can see the ones i've instagramed here and here.

-dreaming about what to put on my gallery wall

-getting! seeds! for! the! garden! we went to the store with my grandpa and picked out seed potatoes and packets of vegetables and herbs to get started. yay! yay! yay!

-watching bbc north & south on netflix. oh my, it's good. now i really really really want to read the book.

that's about all for now. xo.


charlotte turns one

Charlotte turned one February 26th. She thoroughly enjoyed her first chocolate cupcake. Pictures from the day....
new alphabet magnents and a build a bear from aunt laura



things to do

things to do when it's winter and it's cold and you're tired of it:

- not waste time reading books that don't intrest you (even if you're in the middle of a series).

- play UNO with a sister who always wants to.

- do school and do it well. you'll be happy you did when summer comes around.

- drink a lot of tea and hot chocolate and coffee.

- drag yourself out of bed even when the sky looks as gray as it did yesterday.

- start a new journal (even though you have enough journals to keep up with already).

- buy yourself some watercolors and paint a picture.

- read books you've always wanted to.

- clean your room and fold your clothes.

- look forward to spring.