5 on 5: november

I'm back with my November 5 on 5 today! I thought it would be neat to take some pictures to show how the lanscape is looks lately in comparison with October's 5 on 5. It seemed that the trees lost their leaves overnight. All it took was a chilly day and a bit of wind. So... outside looks pretty monochromatic. The bare branches jut out against the sky which appears equally as void of color as the grass. The sprouting wheat fields look out of place with their greeness.

It's funny how, now, the "newness" of the sight of all this is exciting, but I know by the middle of December I'll be aching for some sunshine. In the meantime, though, I'm looking forward to pulling out that puffy winter coat, slipping on those fuzzy gloves, mixing up some more hot chocolate -- not to mention Thanksgiving! Christmas! and all that comes with those holidays. :)


P.S. Guess what, you guys?! I'm guest posting on the Boyer Family Singers' blog today! Go check the post out here and give their lovely blog a follow!


5 on 5: october

Ever heard of a post being a month+ late? Hah. Well, this one is. October was a rather slow blogging month for me and I never did get my 5 on 5 posted. But with only two more months to go until this project is over... I didn't want to skip a month now.

So, here's five pictures from October... (I just love fall).

Most of these are of that brilliant yellow tree, just a small walk away from our house. I had eyed it for awhile, then decided I better go photograph it. ;) I'm so glad I did, though. Overnight, the leaves seemingly vanished from the branches.


November's 5 on 5 coming soon! xoxo.


spinning like a girl in a brand new dress

We found mom's eighth grade graduation dress.
Also, some pretty light.
*post title: holy ground, by taylor swift*