You may be wondering where I've been for the past three weeks. I apologize for leaving without scheduling any posts or telling you I wouldn't be back for awhile. On the last day of April, our family left for a homeschool conference. We were there for the weekend, then came home. The day after we got back I packed my bags and left for CYIA (Christian Youth In Action).

CYIA is a two-week training school on how to present the Gospel to children. The first week is lots of classroom work. The second week you go out and teach groups of children. During the time there, you learn to trust entirely on God. And these past few weeks have drawn me closer to Him. It is all so worth it. Saturday was the graduation and commissioning banquet. I was sad at the start of the two weeks to leave home, and I was sad at the end of the two weeks to leave the training.

My time at camp was good. It was a growing experience, a time that I will always remember. But, it is so good to be back into the open arms of family again.

The spring weather shifted into full summer heat while I was away. When I came home, I ran from thing to thing -- from the kittens, which have grown so much, to the flower bed I had left with sprouts and returned to grown flowers. Each little remembrance of the farm was a thrill; little green strawberries and a flourishing garden, farmilar places and objects. Then came the unpacking, which was carried over to yesterday also, along with freshening up and airing out my room.

my sister is so pretty

All in all, it's so good to be home.