I love Saturdays. Here's some of what I did today.

(By the inspired by this post. Wouldn't do this look all the time, but thought I'd try it out ;D)

Little sis and I painted our nails.

(Picture by little sis)

We made brownies. And totally did not mean for there to be a face.

She licked the bowel.

(Picture by little sis)

She took pictures too. One of which is my new blog header! She got Mom to write it and then she took the picture. I did nothing but edit it. Thanks sis!

Mom and Dad painted our front porch's ceiling. (That's the before above.)

And I fish tail braided my hair...but I don't have a picture of that.

Have a great night!


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  1. Brownies sound sooo yummy :D nice nails :D
    I'm glad you girls are having a good day I'll e-mail u in a little bit gotta start laundry haha.