a word from little sis.

Hey everybody! Little sis has always wanted to post on my blogging break still isn't I thought now would be the perfect time to let her :D So here's here post. She says, "Tell them to leave lots of comments." I'll be back to normal blogging in a bit. See ya'll later :D 


hi i am the little sis. and today we went shopping.
and i bought 8 littlest pet shop animals i have not named them yet but i have bin playing with them ever since i got them. 

any name suggestions? if you do leave a comment with the name and tell me which 1 it should be for :)

love, little sis

p.s. IN THE FIRST PICTURE: the ones on the left are boys and the ones on the rite are girl :) :)


  1. the on in your hand is a boy right? should name him....scooter haha I'm not good with names :)

  2. Hi Little Sis! Just checking back in to see how the name selection is coming along. I'm really loving that little grey guy on the far right. Is that a kitty or a hamster? Such a cute face! Love you so!!