Eleven. Yep. Little sis isn't so little, I guess. Haha. As of Little sis' real birthday :D First it started out with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (ok, if you've never had some...go make some...whip up your regular pancake batter and dump some chocolate chips won't regret it).

We decided it would be best to let Dad get in on the fun of opening presents with us, so we waited for Dad to come home for lunch -- and when he did, he came bearing pizza.

Then it was finally time to open presents. I got her some lip gloss and kids' fake fingernails. Mom and Dad got her office stuff (like receipt books, date stamps, etc.). She loved it all. And what's better than playing office with fake fingernails, shiny lips, and authentic office supplies when you're eleven years old?

She drew everyone a picture for our efforts. That's mine. I'm keeping it forever. Too cute.

For dinner we had Little sis' favorite, manicotti (ok, that is totally spelled wrong, but it's not in Blogger's dictionary apparently?)

Next comes the best part. After dinner Mom made cheesecake and we dug out old home videos and watched Little sis' birth. But, all the tapes weren't labeled -- and I mean we had stacks of these things -- so waded our way through them. 

(I apologize for the terrible picture... photographing the t.v. doesn't work well.) That's Little sis the day she was born. How adorable is that?!

That's my Grandpa helping me figure out how to wind my Kodak disposable camera. Oh, how I love old home videos. Everyone is still the same. You know what? I was two, two years old, people, when Little sis was born. Guess what one of the first things I did was? Pull out my disposable camera and start snapping pictures of her, then I begged for someone to go get my nail polish so I could do "my new little sister's nails". 

Skip ahead 11 more years to this Easter. Thirteen years old nails painted and I traded my disposable camera for a dSLR. Not much has changed ;)

Happy Birthday, Little sis!


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  1. awwwwwwww beautiful photos! look at you both when u were little! so cute! Love you both!so much <3