the fair.

*Well, first of all, I had no clue what the title should be. And second, this post contains a boat load of photos...just warning you ;)*

A couple days ago we went to an out-of-town fair. The first stop was to get some tacos we had heard a lot about. 

The tacos are fried and the crunchiness was good. I told Mom that I'd like the fried outside and Taco Bell's meat and cheese inside. Yum :D Sounds good for you too...not.

Ok, I don't usually drink Coke...but it was the fair...

Overall, pretty good. 

(photo credit, dad)

Family at the fair -- right to left -- back row, grandpa, uncle, mom, me -- front row, grandma, aunt, Little sis.

Uncle, Mom, and aunt with their cherry limeades.

Obviously we had a thing going with fried food here. But what is fair without a funnel cake? Or at least a picture of a funnel cake?

Then there were the rides. Can't say we went on any of them -- but they were great to take pictures of.


Now, let me just tell ya'll that I had seen pictures all over photo blogs of ferris wheels and was dying to try to take one of my own. I'm tellin' ya, I took so many pictures of this ride that I edited the few you see here this morning, took a break, went about my daily activities, and posted them tonight. That's. how. many.

Thank you, lovely people, for smiling for me.

The ground.

Then it got dark. The lights were even brighter and the colors more vivid. 

Which one's your favorite?

Happy Friday!


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  1. What a photo op!!! My favorite is the one right above the words "then it got dark..). Love the colors in that one! As close as we are, we didn't even brave the fair. It was just too hot! Looks like you guys had a great time tho!!! Thanks for sharing your pictures!!