back-to-school dinner.

(Really, I'm doing this is in reverse order. See back-to-school photos here.)

Sunday evening, the day before school started, we had our back-to-school dinner with some of our grandparents. Mom made adorable place settings.

The menu:
individual meatloaves, cheesy potatoes (supplied by my Grandma), baked squash, and green beans. 
And I won't even tell you what we had for dessert...

Homemade, in the crock pot, molten chocolate lava cake. Yum.

After eating more than our fill and chatting among ourselves a little more, we went to see the puppies. They were sleepy.

Then, at sunset, we all took a walk.

I wore a red & white polka dot skirt.

Happy Thursday!


P.S. Hello to all my new readers! :D


  1. Um, so that cake looks SOO good!! :) And I really like the picture of the moon with all the colors!

  2. wow that sounds awesome!and the table settings are adorable love all of it! :) your mom did a great job:D

  3. What a FUN evening!! You got some great pictures!! Tell me, when you got that pic of the adults walking down the road, were you laying in the middle of the road?? What a great angle!!!! You got such great pictures of the table and yummy food!! And that puppy, so precious!! Love the whole post!!!

  4. Yay! I can FINALLY comment now that you have your comment form on a pop-up page! The puppy pict was SOOO cute! Sounds like ya'll had lots o' fun! :D Also, did you by chance send me a letter recently becasue if so I haven't gotten it yet. I hope that if you did it didn't get lost in the mail!
    Have a great day!

  5. hey bethany ann!
    yep! sure did send you a letter recently. it just took me FOREVER to write! you should be getting it soon :D So glad you can comment with the pop-up window! thanks for tellin' be about it :D