scenes of sunday.

Sunday morning. I wake up 7 o'clock am. Breakfast, hair, get dressed. Somebody's ironing someone's shirt while they eat their breakfast and somebody's doing their hair while eating their breakfast. Coffee. Tea. Hot chocolate.

"Mom, does this belt look ok with this skirt?"
"It looks fine."
"Dad, why did you put jelly on my half of the sandwich?"
Little sis refuses to eat the sandwich with jelly on it.
"I'm thinking no belt with the skirt."
"Dad, do you want the rest of my sandwich?" 
Little plays Yankee Doodle on the piano.
"We're gonna be late!"

Eventually we rush out the door and then the rest of the morning at church is much more peaceful. 
That's the reality of Sunday mornings, ya'll.

And in the middle of all this this I managed to sneak outside and take some pictures.

My chickens were grumpy. I feed them in the mornings and at the moment I didn't have any food. They followed me around, like they always do, until I gave them some. Then they could care less about me. Chickens.

Then I went to see the kittens. 

The leaves are turning. I love autumn.

(photo credit, mom)

And that was my Sunday morning. 
How was yours?


p.s. Thoughts on the new header? More changes coming soon!


  1. Loved what you said about Sunday Mornings! So true:)
    love the bokeh in the third and fourth pictures:)
    and the header is fantastic! noticed it right away.
    ps. what site did you use to do your accordion menu?

  2. first off love the header:D and I e-mailed you :)
    2nd. that sounds like a busy Sunday! ours was lazy watching netflix movies haha and shows.... I hope you have a good day tomorrow, beautiful pics as always! love your Aunt :)

  3. Wow, your writing is so beautiful. And awesome, amazing, awe-inspiring, and any other words that start with a.

    I'm new to your blog so, I guess I should introduce myself. My name's Rebekah and I just started blogging (what an odd word). Your blog is... wow. I truly love it. And you have such humor. I am enamored.

    Now, I'm babbling. I'll shut up. ;)

  4. It's Monday morning here. With all the craziness, you sure looked pretty:)! Glad things slowed down for you! I love fall too!! Are we going to make it to the pumpkin patch this year? I'm sure there are some great pictures there!!! They are open now.
    Your header is cute. I loved the watermark one too!
    Happy Monday! G

  5. My Sunday Morning was just like that, only my dadd was all cool with everything, as usual, He took everything smoothly, as for me I was wrecking the closet trying to find something that actually fit. But as soon as I turned my mind off of about myself and on the Lord, things were better :)

  6. Our Sunday is quite similar..even the asking of lil' sis to not sing.Once we get to the church it calms down,besides the hectic morning I love Sundays :)
    Likey the new header!