Today was...

getting up at 7 o'clock.
going to church.
helping with sunday school.
serving lunch at church.
drinking hot chocolate with mom.
cleaning up my room.
baking a chocolate chip cookie pie. oh yes.
having dinner with grandparents.

What was your day?



  1. Well. We live a half hour away from church. So we had left and were on the way up when I started to feel sick.
    I had a headache that morning and {I get this from my mom} whenever we get in the van we end up getting sick. We turned around and on the way back home, got sick.
    At a stoplight. In town.
    So I went straight to bed and took a nap.
    Because I know I'm not really sick, and it was just a headache egged on by driving, {because it's happened sooo many times...} we went back to church that night.
    And I had dinner with my grandpa. :)
    {I know. Youre probably thinking... "I could have done without this information..."

  2. sounds like a good day :) my day was waking up,getting something to eat,cleaning up the house,doing laundry,& finishing up some t.v. shows :D

  3. my day was reading, blogging and cleaning. pretty much it.

    ...w-wait...chocolate-chip cookie PIE?! do a recipe post!! PLEASE?!

  4. Can I just say, that last part made my day:) Was so good to see you!!! And the pie, still makes my mouth water!!! So good.
    I forgot the decorator tip :( Maybe I can get it when you get the computer.
    So wonderful to see you guys again!!!

    Beautiful tree picture! I love fall! And YOU!!!

  5. I woke up:
    Got dressed in a lovely 40's dress that God blessed me with for half price :)
    I ate,
    went to church, and had a wonderful time in the Lord :D