Two days. Six states. Eight hundred miles.
It's called a roadtrip.

My family and I are temporarily "setting up camp" in Virginia; for some of my Dad's work.

The drive has been long, but pretty. The fall scenery is beautiful.

In Kansas, the landscape is relatively flat -- out here there's mountains. There's also more traffic than I've ever seen in my whole life ;)

I caught a glimpse of the St. Louis Arch (sadly, it was nightime and I can't take a nightime picture for the life of me).
It was big -- I mean huge.

Driving over all the bridges was gorgeous also.

 // Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuchino? Yes please. //

What's your favorite part of traveling?



  1. Hey girl! What beautiful pictures!! Glad you are seeing such beautiful things along your trip! I love your Arch picture. It is pretty cool!! Very scary at the top when that thing starts swaying back and forth!! Nice to see you found a SB along the way too! That makes for a great trip! Can't wait to see more posts!

  2. Oooo! You are gonna LOVE VA! It has beatiful weather! might wanna bring a sweater though...;)

  3. Very very cool scenery. You are one lucky person and I'm slightly jealous. ;)

    You're pictures are amazing, as usual which makes it feel like I'm enjoying your experience too.
    I really love the maps picture.

  4. awesome! i love road trips... i think my favorite part would have to be time spent in the car, as weird as it sounds. I love relaxing with a good book, the radio on, the AC blowing. I also love watching out the window.

    hope you have fun!

  5. I live in Virginia, love it here! :) And double chocolaty chip is the best kind of frapuccino. I love your pictures!

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  6. beautiful! :D favorite part about traveling making memories :D