christmas + winter days.

It's been nearly a week and a half since I was last here. Since then, Christmas has come and gone. Christmas Eve included a candle light service and dinner with family, and then to bed to be woken up by little sis on Christmas day at five o'clock am. Then to church and soon after to have supper, play games, and a slumber party with family.

1) paper snowflakes 2) wreath 3) our christmas tree 4) earrings i wore to the christmas eve service

The bad news is that mom's dSLR is out of order, the good news is that my new iPod touch is in order. (Ya'll will be seeing iPod and point-and-shoot photos until it's fixed.) Hands down, Instagram is my favorite app. Do ya have any app recommendations?

1) decorations 2) the top of my dresser 3) lights strung across my window 4) more lights

My room was decorated for Christmas with lights and Christmas tree trimmings. Even though it's been three days since Christmas, I haven't taken them down. In fact I think I'll leave them up for awhile longer ;) 

1) hey there :D 2) the new movie in the 'love comes softly series'! 3) the viking quest series 4) the first book

Now, after Christmas, the days are short and filled with reading (the Viking Quest series by Lois Walfrid Johnson -- must reads -- this is the fourth time I've read them and I just now own them). They're filled with movie-watching, cleaning up the after-Christmas mess, and then maybe some more reading.

1) starbucks is lovely 2) cookies 3) coffee 4) big chair at starbucks

Sometimes these days are spotted with trips to Starbucks for a chocolate chip cookie, some coffee, or hot chocolate. Sometimes there are moments driving down the highway, singing as loud as the volume will go up (granted, if you heard me sing, you'd probably run for cover), with the two out of three people I'm closest to.

1) chandiler  2) starbucks 3) note from little sis 4) pretty sunset

And now, even though it's not all that cold outside, a papery hot day of a scorching Indian summer sounds great right now. How were ya'lls Christmases? Happy Wednesday!



  1. Enjoy those books! I read them a few years ago, and loved them♥ They have a really sweet ending... but i'm not going to give anything away ;)

  2. Happy Wednesday, Haley! :)
    I loove your Instagrams! I've recently discovered the app Hipstamatic, which is totally worth $2 if you have it.

  3. <3 all of these photos! :)
    I've been wanting to see Love Begins badly - I hope it's good!

  4. Hey Haley! :D

    I got instagram, But I don't know how to use it.. If you could give me some tips on that, that would be great! :)
    My favorite app right now would have to be-unblock me.. It's a free app. You should look it up, it's sooo fun! :D There is also a blogger app too! (Sometimes you have to search these things) blogger is also free :D

  5. oh, i love your instagrams! how i wish for a newer 4g iPod touch instead of my 2g. but i suppose i'm lucky to have that. :)

  6. That note from your little sister is the cutest thing ever. <3

  7. Hello there Haley,
    I know, it's been a while for me. I have been Christmas-ly busy (somehow it's hard not to fall into the holiday rush of things). How are you doing?

    These pictures are so cute. I love the one of your dresser. I won't lie and say I won't miss you DSLR pictures very dearly. Your blog pictures are always an inspiration to me, but I will be eager to see your massive skills even with ipod.

    And obviously they are massive, because these pictures are still really good. I don't know how you do it? :)

    Last thought, I really feel like some starbucks now.

  8. so wanna see 'love begins'
    starbucks is lovely! :)
    my Christmas was quite darling
    (except for the fact I am/was sick)

  9. Totally cute photos, I love the Starbucks pics. :D

  10. I <3 The Viking Quest series!! Lois Walfrid Johnson is an amazing author. :)


  11. Your paper snowflakes look beautiful! I love making them too :)