embroidery hoop christmas wreath.

I love crafting. Sometimes ideas spill out, one over another. Other times I'm a little short on inspiration. December happens to be a time when I'm making lots of crafts (which explains the two tutorials in two weeks, view my last craft here). So, how about a Christmas wreath?

What you'll need: an embroidery hoop, yarn, fabric, cord, scissors, hot glue gun. (My fabric, cord, and hoop is thrifted.)

// step one // Make sure you're embroidery hoop is nice and tightened up. Place a dab of hot glue on your hoop, attach yarn.

// half-done //

// step two // Loop yarn around embroidery hoop and pull tight. When done, secure the end of the yarn with hot glue.

// step three // After the hoop is completely covered, cut a length of fabric, wrap it around a small section, and secure with hot glue.

// step four //  Again, using your hot glue, wrap the cord around the fabric.

// step five // Hang your wreath and enjoy!

Do you have a favorite Christmas craft? Do tell. Happy Friday!



  1. Cute! I've been loving your crafts! :)

  2. Oh, cool! I made an earring holder once out of an embroidery hoop. I might have to give this one a try! :)

  3. This is so creative and pretty!!!

  4. that looks so cool! I'm going to have to try it.
    p.s. sweet blog :D

  5. So cute! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love your blog! :) The wreath is super cute!!! Your so creative!!

  7. Beautiful sky pictures!! We were driving home over icy bridges with Emily on that first real wintery night! That's the part I don't like! But oh how I love this time of year! Christmas services, family, Christmas cooking, family, Christmas secrets, family!!! I love it all!!! Can't wait to share it with you!!!