let's take a walk.

Spring is near its breaking point, building up suspense. It gives us just a glimpse of warm weather and then slips back into the unconsciousness of winter. Blooms are small, new grass is peeking out from brown remains, and some snow that has overstayed its welcome still lingers in a few cracks.

Yesterday the weather was nice, so Addy and I walked through our field to a place we call "The Rocks". I hadn't been there since last summer and forgot how fun it is to hop from rock to rock. 

We meandered beside the shallow creek while stiff, prickly grass bit at our ankles and twigs pulled at our hair. We found a little hollow, moss covered rocks, and soft lighting. We dodged the spiny branches of trees. We jumped up on stones when the way was blocked and chattered all along. 


  1. well, look at all that rainbowy, sunflare, bokeh-infested goodness! this is perfection :)

  2. Beautiful photos! I hope you both had a good time :) ♥

  3. Lovely Pictures! :D

  4. Isn't it so exciting to see spring peeking at us! I just love the "softness" in the air. My very favorite time of the year!! Your pictures are amazing as always!!

  5. The little details you captured are beautiful. I especially love the last photo, looks like a wonderful one to stick a pretty quote on!