march miscellaneous thoughts.

Today was a simple day. Nowhere to go. Nothing pressing to get done. Only plans of reading, replying to letters, and cleaning up my room. 

I crocheted a cover for Addy's iPod. Although the results are anything (and I mean anything) but flawless, I'm satisfied with how it turned out.

I drank an Izze today. I still can't decide if I like them. I take a drink and then I shudder, but somehow it does taste good. Do you like Izzes?

Our cat, Checker, found a place in flower pot full of dirt today. Oh, dear.

March first. Wait a second -- where did winter go? The weather is warmer and the air has the aroma of thawing ground. I'm excited.

Happy March!


  1. Very pretty kitty♥ I've never tried an Izze drink, but I don;t care for pomegranate, so... I probably wouldn't enjoy it :P Cool iPod cover! I didn't know you crocheted.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  2. Dear Haley,
    It is lovely to see your posts again. I don't know why but it feels like a while since I've been able to read one of your delightful posts.

    I love the pictures, the last one of the cat and the first one are absolutely divine. Oh yes, my day was quite similar. Minus three siblings (plus the one at college), and my mom, it was just me and brother. I cleaned the house. He sang and played music. I did his dishes, he watched youtube videos, and helped. I also cleaned my room, too. ;) Now to that pesky stack of letters (that are really lovely).

    Ahh, yes, it's so nice to have someone else on the Anne of Green Gables track right now. I smile each time I see a picture of that. I just finished Anne's House of Dreams. I just love those books.

  3. Good job on your crocheting!! You are doing great! Checkers is adorable! Never heard of the new drink. I'm not sure its worth it if you shudder with every drink. I am so excited that spring is on its way! I love spring!

  4. I love seeing your post :) love the kitty pictures so cute!! :)

  5. lovely lovely lovely!! I just love that you have a picture of the Anne books in almost every post. That just makes my day. I adore the first photo. And your cat is a doll!

  6. Izzies have a different taste to them, but I think I like them. I LOVE these pictures! They are so pretty!

  7. Izze's are delicious on a hot muggy summer day... Especially the one you got! :) But do you really want a tasty drink? Look For Blue Sky Soda, "White Te Pomegranate" I'll never drink other soda's the same again! 59 cents a can here! {seriously, you'll never go back to your ordinary Dr. pepper}

  8. I LOVE the second-to-last picture - your cat in the pot. So cute!! (Why does my cat never cooperate for pictures?)

    Thanks for following my blog! Seriously made me happy :) I was like, heyy, that's the girl from chapter thirteen!

    Abbie /// XOXOX