spring broke through.

Ah, spring break. It's really a taste of summer, no? Last week was a string of things such as going out of town, reading, getting together with family, laying out in the sun, painting nails on the porch, getting things done, shopping, a break from school, snapping photos, throwing schedules to the wind, and not doing much on the internet (aka, procrastinating posting on my blog, ahem). 

sidewalk chalk whale by little sis

The first part of the week was spent at a camp with some families from our church, helping clean up and fix things around the camp. Then we did a little shopping and went to the movies to see "The Lorax" with mom's side of the family. We saw it in 3D, as you can tell from the picture above...oh dear. Moving on.

Addy and I built our second annuals spring break fort -- because why not? (And yes I do feel eleven years old again, thankyouverymuch.) My mattress, a couple chairs, a vacuum cleaner, a fan, heaps of blankets, and scads of clothespins to hold everything together, made our up our fort. 

And to end the week, we had a little picnic by the campfire. How was your spring break?


  1. Cute post! Your photos are great!! You’re so cute and so is your little sister! :) Have a great day!

  2. I love this pose haley! And your pictures. and you. It's all just fantastic.

  3. gorgeous pictures! i love the last one a lot :D my spring break was pretty nice. we went on our first real vacation in years :)

  4. Sounds like you had a great spring break :) ours is in April :) I hope to see you soon, let me know :)

  5. My week was great :) Me and my family went to the beach. :D I LOVE BLUE SKY SODAS :) My favorite is whiter pomegranate tea :D

  6. Wow... I absolutely loved this! Seriously, this was just great. I love that shot of your cats -- beautiful lighting. Really, though, all of these shots are awesome.

    Jessica @ Diary of a Beautiful Soul

  7. These are all completely gorgeous and glowy and amazing! The golden light in the last two was just perfect. :) Sounds like you had a great week! I don't have spring break for another two weeks, but I'm super excited!

  8. Gorgeous pictures-really, they're stunning! And unfortunately, I haven't had spring break yet. :( Soon, though!
    great post.(:


  9. LOVE the photo of you in glasses!

  10. i'm totally smitten by your photography. the first one, the cats, the 3-D glasses, the blanket forts.... yeah, it's basically all awesome. (you're pretty adorable, by the way.)

    by the way, i built a blanket fort yesterday! i'm in it right now :)

    abbie /// xoxox

  11. Sounds like a great spring break! Love those glasses!!! Those are some pretty happy kitties!! The fort is great!

  12. ooh!! and a tent!! sounds like you've been having a great time!


  13. This is so lovely. My spring break sounds slightly similar to yours, extremely crazy, but ultimately tons of fun!

    But sorry for the lack of comments, I have no wonderful excuse other than the above. Don't worry, I'll try to return with venom (if that's the right word).

    And the picture of you, extremely lovely, you look so beautiful, 3-D classes or not! ;) And as someone stated earlier, how she was smitten with your photography, I have to say that is the perfect word. No other can describe my love for your photography.

    I love, love, the last pictures, the lighting in it is superb! Beautiful.


  14. photos are all wonderful : )
    blog :

  15. LOVE the picnic photos. The sunlight is gorgeous.

  16. I LOVE your glasses! If I had to get glasses I would get some that looked like that! Adorable! :)