awkward and awesome thursday, v. ii


-Eating chocolate cake and veggie pizza for breakfast, in that order.

-Stepping on a wasp (awkward and painful).

-Skipping and singing through the aisles in the grocery store, because it's late and we almost have the whole store to ourselves.

-Going into the children's room at the library to get the books I want.

-After taking pictures of these lemons, using them as cleanser for my face.

-Learning how to shoot and reload a BB gun while wearing a skirt.


-New books from the library.

-Playing twister with my sister and cousin.

-Watching "Leave it to Beaver" with Addy (black and white t.v., baby).

-Air conditioning. Enough said.

-Sunday-evening visit from my grandma, grandpa, and cousin.

-New rings from Target.

-Addy doing all the chores for me this morning.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Lovely! I love these posts.
    Amen to the chocolate cake for breakfast... I may or may not have done this before. ;) And isn't the library the cat's pajamas?


  2. hehe, chocolate cake and veggie pizza. that's awesome.

  3. (black and white tv baby) This is exactly why I love you girl! So glad to have you back!! :D

  4. Love your awkward and awesome post! Here are some of my recent awkward and awesomes:

    *Having a long talk with a friend at church on courtship and realizing afterwards that one of the boys may have overheard most of the conversation. :P
    *Trying to explain to your siblings why you may want to read The Huger Games without sounding crazy. "Yeah its about two kids that fight to the death..." XD
    *Doing a warm olive oil treatment on your hair realizing after the fact that you put too much oil in...and that oil doesn't mix with water...and that you have to WASH it out instead of rinsing it out...oops :)
    *Going to get in the pool but realizing that it's not been cleaned and is literally green. One sibling comments "Come swim in the algea with us!" Ummm....
    *Reading others awkward and awesome post and totally relating to their awkward part. :)

    *Jesus Christ! 'Nough said.
    *The Anne of Green Gables books. Almost done with book number six, Anne of Ingelside! Two more to go!
    *The library. One. Of. The. Best. Places. Ever. Amen.
    *Blue toe nail polish. With sparkles. Oh yes.
    *Learning to drive. Pretty self explanitory.

    Have a great day!

  5. awesome to have chocolate cake for breakfast sounds like me ! I love pizza anytime! :D that was so sweet of Addy to do the chores for you :) hope to see you girls soon!! :)

  6. I love "awkward+awesome Thursdays", and this is no exception. Sounds like an eventful day! (;

  7. ah- leave it to beaver is where it's at :) lol; b+w tv is right!

  8. we love your photos!! and your awesome things are...well...awesome! :D hehe. New followers!

  9. I skip through grocery stores and hotels too! It's one of those things that just must be done.