5 on 5: april

Today is busy. School, running errands, etc, etc. So, in haste, here's a little list of happy things as of late >>

green grass
new shoes
spring-y weather
limeades with mom
open windows (!!!)
photo shoots
a big, roomy fort dad made for addy and i
baby charlotte snuggles
journal writing
reading books i've never read before


  1. I like your new shoes. My favorite picture is the second one. Very pretty.

  2. Hey Haley,

    Those shoes are darling. And I absolutely love the second picture. I keep feeling if I wait one more moment they shall start swaying and having the most interesting conversation with each other. Such characters, they are.

    Your list sounds lovely. And your little sister is so beautiful and darling (too many darlings in this comment, sorry) I miss having a baby in the house. The two last ones I definitely relate to. I just finished my fourth journal in a row. There is such a pleasure in finishing a journal, I don't think it shall ever get old. But anyway, I just picked out a new journal and am so excited by the fatness and emptiness of it. New notepads... ahh.

    And books... Yes, that one is self-explanatory. (I found you one goodreads! Yay.)

    I hope you are doing well.

  3. your shoes-so cute.
    lucky, little ms. open windows ;)
    books you have never read before? YESH.

  4. I've been wanting some shoes like those for a while! So cute!
    -mal :)

  5. So, so gorgeous. That second picture down took my breath away.


  6. beautiful, Haley. :) i love these kind of posts. xx.

  7. love the happy list :) great pics!!