like how the summer feels upon your skin

I wondered if I wanted to make a summer list this year. I mean, I make a to-do list every day of my life. But here it is, a more relaxed, little collection of things I'd like to do this summer. 

Write something and finish it (even if it's only two pages long)

Get a lot of books from the library (and read them hungrily like I used to)

Sleep on the trampoline (Addy has been wanting to have a camp-out on the trampoline for awhile now)

Make more thankful lists (Pretty much this means to write down more things at the end of the day or week, in my journal, that I'm thankful for)

Do a photoshoot by that ivy-covered wall (It's just so pretty-looking)

Start my new journal (First unruled moleskine)

Stay off the internet/computer/ipod for a day (This needs to happen)

Lay a quilt on the yard and read (Doesn't that sound wonderful?)

Finish the Hobbit (So close to being done with it)

Fill my sketchbook (Awhile back I got a little blank book for sketches, but haven't filled it very faithfully, this summer I want to put lots in it)


What's on your summer list? xo.

ps Post inspiration here. Post title, this song.


  1. This is like the most perfect picture ever. And your list sounds amazing. Sleeping on the trampoline is my favorite!

  2. You should definitely post if you do do a photoshoot by your ivy-covered wall!!
    Oh, and as far as staying off any devices (iPods, computers, etc.), I'm in with you :) I've tried it before, which was rather hard for me, and I should really do it again...


  3. ah this sounds like a pretty awesome summer :)

  4. yay for summer lists! :) I too made a little-turned-long summer list at the beginning of the summer and I'm excited that quite a few of them are getting checked off...and, yes, I definitely agree with Charlotte that you should post your pictures from the photoshoot! Blessings, Haley! {p.s.} that picture is so beautiful! <3

  5. the hobbit is sooo good. and sleeping on the trampoline? so fun. I wish we had one-I would so do it. ;) awesome summertime fun. :)