the weekend


So...I guess a took a bit of an unannounced blogging break. I didn't exactly plan to, but life happens. And a little break was good. We've been busy, busy. And it may be this way around here until the school year is in full swing...but we'll see how it goes. :)

This weekend, after my sister turned thirteen (what?! how did this happen?), my familly went out of town and did some shopping for family pictures that are coming up. We stayed the night in a hotel with a clear elevator, fluffy pillows, and no free wi-fi. I sat in the hot tub that had large amouts of chlorine in it. I ate white flour, and dairy, and steak. We went to Firehouse Subs and almost went back the same day. We went to three different Targets. I got a stomachache and started reading Jane Eyre. We went to the shoe store and tried baby Sperry's on Charlotte.  I had my first Passion Tea Lemonade at the Starbucks. And Addy and I broke out doing some hammer time with trying on jeans in American Eagle. 

So, yeah, that's that and all around it was a great time.


Happy Sunday. xo.


  1. Really nice photos! :) It looks you had amazing time :) Jane Eyre is one of my favourite. Do you like it? Don't worry about the break, write posts when you want! :)

  2. OMG your little sister got mini Sperrys; WHERE DID YOU GET THEM?! (THEY ARE THE CUTEST THINGS EVAH.)

    Anyway, these photos are spectacular... that first picture makes me want to get cozy in bed and sip a cup of coffee while listening to good music and a indulging in a lovely magazine. :)



    PS Jane Eyre? Don't get me started - I love it to BITS. ;)

  3. well that sounds like a seriously grand time!
    (and Jane Eyre has to be one of my favorite books-SO good!)

  4. Your trip sounds PERFECT. Hotel rooms and shopping are so much fun.

  5. Sounds like you had a nice trip + those mini sperrys are adorable. :)

  6. Love your blog. Just saying.
    Hahah(: Keep posting!!