No. 16 || Part One

Last week, on the 8th, was my birthday. It was a fun-packed few days. I thought I would share, in a couple parts, the pictures. So...part one:

For my birthday I wanted to ride a horse. So that's what I did, thanks to some awesome people putting it together. It was SO MUCH fun. The horse walked along and was on a lead rope most of the time, just so I could get a feel for it. I learned how to stop, go, turn left and right.

Again, I really really loved it. And just because, here's a video....

music: The Civil Wars // My Father's Father

go watch in HD here

You can go to Instagram to see a couple more pictures! Also, check out #haleys16thbirthday to see all the instagramed photos from my birthday. :)


  1. How fun Haley! I've ridden a horse before, several times actually and it's fun :) I'm so glad that you had a wonderful birthday!!!

  2. How fun! Back a couple years ago I got to ride a horse at a local camp for my birthday, and it was so fun! So glad you were able to do so to!

  3. Happy Birthday dear!! Ah horses are such beautiful animals. My younger sister Emma loves horses too and wants to take horseback riding lessons someday. We both dream of someday being able to ride horses swiftly across the plains. ^_^ hehe



  4. Lovely pictures, Haley! Loving the sunlight in #5 of the pictures. And, yep, horseback riding is pretty awesome. :) My aunt has given me lessons and it's so wonderful to be outdoors in God's Creation, soaking in the sunshine and crisp air. <3 So glad you had a memorable birthday!

  5. Aw these pictures are so pretty! You're gorgeous! <3

  6. oh, the lighting in these is delicious. i love horses (although when it comes to actually riding them, i'm terrified. i've been thrown off one too many times. :P)
    and i love that song by The Civil Wars... they are so amazing.

  7. heeyyy this is really nice! what a lovely birthday you must have had! :) xx

  8. The second picture is adorable! I absolutely LOVE the video. The song goes so well with it!! And the lighting? Perf.

  9. Happy 16th!! I hope your year is a beautiful one. :)
    Thanks for letting me paint your picture...

  10. happy birthday :)
    horses are amazing. i love them dearly though i don't own one. judging from your smile, i think you and your horse friend got along well together.
    good pictures, too!


  11. Just recently found your blog and I love it!
    You are a very talented photographer.