snow. also, the truth.

Snow pictures...because it's pretty...and I'm sure you haven't EVER seen pictures of snow lately...and I had to stand in a really deep snow drift to take them, so I thought I should post them. ;)

confession: i'm really slow at replying to emails. this is an apology for the past and future.

confession: i really want to go to paris and pintrest isn't helping that. instead, i'll just bake, i guess.

confession: i have two overdue library books that i haven't even started reading yet. oops. i got distracted by LOTR?

confession: the internet scares me, which is an intresting (unfortunate? healthy?) thing for a blogger to fear.

confession: i can't decide if my dream house is in europe with a balcony overlooking a little street and cafe, or a cabin in the country. i'd probably go with cabin, though, by and by. yay wide open spaces.

confession: i finally changed by facebook profile picture after seven months.

confession: i really want to be a tea person, but coffee always always wins.

confession: what is twitter and why.

confession: i forget to wear socks in the winter.

confession: i finally painted for the other day for the first time in months and months.

confession: i complain about the cold and wish for the summer now. but i will say vise versa when it's hot, wishing for cooler months.

The End.


  1. I'm the same way about the cold and heat :) Lovely pictures!


  2. I love the pretty light on the trees. :) and there is so much truth like this to be told from all of us. ;) xx

  3. Beautiful Pictures.....I am enjoying the snow pictures on the far we have not had any snow this winter...very strange. But I am enjoying the warmer temperatures.

    I'd go with a cabin, too. As romantic a little apartment with a balcony in Europe'll be paying around $1000/month for a 1 bedroom apartment.....Europeans are generally grumpy and you'll be having arguments with neighbors all the is have to go so far is only once a week and expensive....yeah.

    Iris from Germany♥

  4. Gorgeous pictures...I love your blog so much. You're a wonderful photographer and writer.
    Tane ♥

  5. Your pictures are gorgeous!! So pretty:)

  6. I love this post!!!

  7. Wonderful pictures! I was getting sick and tired of the snow, but this might just change my mind. And yes, LOTR does that. (I'm reading it through now for the 3rd time. :P)