well, as you can see, it snowed in march. i know, that i, at first, was thinking "noooooo it's supposed to be springgggggg." ha. on the bright side, though, it was the most beautiful snowfall of this winter (in my opinion)...even if it was in march.

other things as of late...

-reading mere christianity by c.s. lewis. SO GOOD.

-inadvertently teaching charlotte to say "oh my goodness" and put her had over her mouth in surprise.

-trying to hunker down and read some more. still on the first part of the two towers by tolkien, but making progress

-getting a calligraphy pen and ink! it's a long time dream of mine come true, you guys. you can see the ones i've instagramed here and here.

-dreaming about what to put on my gallery wall

-getting! seeds! for! the! garden! we went to the store with my grandpa and picked out seed potatoes and packets of vegetables and herbs to get started. yay! yay! yay!

-watching bbc north & south on netflix. oh my, it's good. now i really really really want to read the book.

that's about all for now. xo.


  1. such awesome photos.
    ahh, and yes to Mere Christianity and North and South. Those are both so good. :)

  2. mere christianity is one of my all time favorite books. c.s. lewis always nails it.
    and your calligraphy, gurllll. your lettering on the l.m. alcott quote is perf.

  3. same story here with our snow. ;) i'm so ready for spring! ps your handwriting is lovely (and much better than mine ;)).

  4. beautiful pictures. you captured the quiet, early spring snowfall so well. i love the one through the lace curtains and the way the black cat contrasts starkly against the white snow.
    yay for calligraphy. its fun, good luck :)


  5. north & south ohmygerrrrsh. bbc's best.
    and these pictures, wow girl. i can literally feel the cold and taste the snow on my tongue.

  6. North and South. Yes. I loveeeee the BBC series and am currently reading/listening to the book. It's so good!

  7. your posts always make me happy. :) a sense of nostalgia, for some reason, prevails in each of your posts... love this! and I ADORE your calligraphy!!

  8. I love your calligraphy! I can't wait to see your pictures with your new lens. Your photography is so good. Also, I nominated you for the Liebster Award ( xoxo

  9. Dear Haley,

    That looks so lovely. Ah, snow. It must be wonderful. Over here in Hawaii it just snowed on Mauna Kea, so I guess we had a snowfall in March, too. ;)

    Mere Christianity. I really, really, really need to read that. My older siblings have read it, and I know it's gonna be really good.
    Also, yes, North and South, watched the movie, then read the book last year. It was really enjoyable. I encourage you to read it. Keep plodding through Two Towers, I feel ya, though. I can't even remember how many times I had to renew it, return it, take it out again, from the library. ;)

    Your sister sounds. Adorable. Oh my word.