another food post.

Happy Sunday, everybody! Here's what I made for dinner tonight. Let me just was delicious. You need to make it. Like tomorrow. 

Cheesy Olive Bread from The Pioneer Woman's Cook Book. Yum. Yum. Yum. You mix up chopped pimento stuffed green olives and black olives, mix it with Monterrey Jack cheese, mayonnaise...and of course butter...because it's a Pioneer Woman recipe ♥ Then it goes on top of french bread, cut in half, length wise. Then of course, bake it.

And you cut them up into bites.

I want some. Now. Ya, we ate both of the halves. 

Oh, and if you want to put something a little 'healthy' with the bread...then how about ice berg lettuce wedges with homemade ranch dressing??

(Also found this in the Pioneer Woman Cook Book. I used our regular ranch dressing recipe, instead of PW's recipe. Seriously. Looking in her cookbook or on her website is dangerous. It will make you want to cook up everything there!)

(photo credit, mom)

Have a great night!

I need to eat something. Right now. 


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