life on the farm.

I like living on a farm. It's peaceful. And quiet most days. There's lots to photograph. I wouldn't mind living in the city. I have lived in town before. I'd probably even enjoy having a Walmart closer than 30-45 minutes away - for awhile. 

Thursday night, Dad asked me if I wanted to help him dig up the potatoes from one of our gardens. Sure. And then I had this wild hair that I would make mashed potatoes out of them for dinner.

So for dinner we had mashed potatoes...

...and grilled chicken. But not this chicken. Gotcha! No, trust me, I refuse to eat a chicken I've named. (Above, Pistachio.)

We have lots of garden to weed. (That's my Dad, by the way.)

This is broccoli.

Not sure what this is.

This is a fence post.

More of something I'm not sure what is.

Another potato.

And some more potatoes.

I was *de-light-ed* to find these flowers. If they're weeds, don't tell me.

But, surely not. They're too pretty to be weeds.

How 'bout you? City? Or country?

Happy Saturday!


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  1. beautiful pictures Haley! I'm more country girl since I grew up in the country :D