be amazed.

For awhile there was a huge storm every night of the week. We were at my Grandpa's house and there was one. after it 'passed over', out came the camera.

Now - since PhotoShop and Picnik - I have to tell you: These pictures are completely untouched by an editing program. Completely. Ok? That's how amazing the sky was. I did not do anything to them. I just thought you should know that, in order for you to be properly 'amazed' ;) 

This is the best part...



  1. The cloud pictures are amazing! I'm glad they have been less amazing the past couple of days! The rainbow is beautiful!!!! Great shot! I'm going to start searching for my contest pictures tomorrow.

  2. love the sky pictures Haley great job :D

  3. Woah! I am amazed!
    Those clouds are so dramatic, and what color!
    My favorite is the fourth; there's almost an orange, yellow and white "rainbow" over the sun.
    I like the reflections and puddles on the deck and pool too.