father's day 2011.

Well, as you all know (obviously), yesterday was Father's Day! Yay! Of course I have pictures of the day to share, so here you go ;)

There were cards. (Oh, and a little confession. I bought a card. That's right. I bought it. Not that buying cards isn't good. I just usually make one. But this one was perfect. I had to get it. Homemade, or...not.)

Little sis made some great waffles. Delicious.

Then there was church and Sunday afternoon naps.

And for Dad's 'gift' I made him chocolate chip cookies with black walnuts. 

Later that evening Little sis, Dad and I headed over to his work to clean up his office. (That's what he wanted to do for Father's Day :D). There was a storm on the way, as you can see.

Self-portrait in the mirror.

The before...(above).

And the after...

And on the way home, we stopped at Dairy Queen for some mini blizzards. Dad = turtle pecan, Addy = brownie batter, me = double fudge cookie case you were wondering ;)

What did you do this Father's Day?


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  1. What a nice day! Your Dad is one of the luckiest people I know! And your gift of office cleaning will be such an amazing gift all over again when he goes back to work! Those waffles and cookies look SO good. Oh for white flour again!! Great pictures!!!