craft room curtains.

Happy Thursday, everyone! First off, Mom's camera is "out of order" at the moment, so I'm using my point-and-shoot (as I have for the last few posts). That's why the pictures will look different ;)

This afternoon, with the help of my Grandma, I made curtains for our craft room. Re-doing the craft room is one of my 4-H projects - home environment. Mom and I have lots of plans for the room, but we decided to start with the curtains. Would you like to see how Grandma and I did it??

Two curtain panels, fun trim, sewing machine, scissors, straight pins, 
a bobbin threaded with white and white thread.

{step no. 1} Measure and mark your curtains to the length you want. Cut carefully.

{step no. 2} Press hem into place and secure with pins. Then sew along the edge.

Then after you have the actual curtains where you need them, comes the fun (and tricky) part...adding trim. The trim we used (more like fringe actually) was very stretchy and slippery when sewing. 

{step no. 3} Pin trim along edge of curtain.

This is what I had my machine's stitches set on.

(photo credit, little sis)

{step no. 4} Carefully sew trim onto curtain.

{step no. 5} Hang them up

We are thinking of tying them back with ribbon.

Your thoughts??


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