good job, little sis.

Today we were looking through recent pictures. We came across a picture Little sis had taken. Wow. It was amazing. (By the way, the purple background is from Picnik's auto-fix, but the original looks great also!) 

I told her how absolutely amazing it was. She said, "It's just a picture." I asked her if she could give me the rights to it. She said no, but she did say I could post it. 

Would you like to see it?? Ok. Here it is.

Ya, I told you it was good.

Now leave her a comment telling her how great it is.

Good job, Little sis ♥



  1. Just plain beautiful!! Your sister's flower picture would have sure taken the photo prize had she chosen to enter!!!! And I love the purple back ground. Do you suppose that I should buy a copy of her picture to frame for my new craft room? The colors are perfect!!!!

  2. That is good pictures!
    She got the focus just right and the composition is fun.
    My sister is older than me, but I've done the same thing; she took a picture that was splendid and I wanted to put it on my blog! =D
    Sisters are great.