Well first off...this sounds like so much fun...Whatever Craft Weekend.

Meg's going to be there. So is Ashley Ann. Talk about my dream come true. Unfortunately, I'm only thirteen and no 'kids' are allowed. So someone needs to go and bring me back Ashley Ann's autograph for me ;)

Today I realized that Mufasa has the biggest feet I've ever seen I've ever seen on a cat. His new favorite thing is to stock the hoe, while Dad is trying to make rows. Nice.

I've been reading Janette Oke's biography: Janette Oke A Heart for the Prairie. Written by her daughter, Laurel Oke Logan. If you've never read a Janette Oke book - you need to. She. is. the. best. ever. Or at least watch the Love Comes Softly movies :)

I'm not sure what this thing is. I've been walking past it for weeks thinking I need to take a picture of it. Finally. I did.

I made this today. You should know, I don't drink coffee - unless I can barely taste it. This is half a tea cup of coffee, drenched with flavored vanilla carmel creamer, sugar, and milk. So let's say 10% coffee and 90% sugar? That's the way I like it. And it's even better if you pour it all in a Mason Jar, over ice, and shake it up.

By the way...1960's is my new favorite affect on Picnik.

window pane: found on the side of the road//jars:on hand//rocks: on hand//
small sea shells: Hobby Lobby $2.99//boat: $5.00//large sea shell: on hand//star fish: $4.00

Yesterday we ran to Hobby Lobby because I needed more yarn for my scarf I'm knitting, and discovered their clearance aisle. Mom did this mantel for eleven dollars...yes $11 I'm tellin' ya.

These are the jars.

We got this super-cool hook thingy for $2.40.

And this we thought would work for the mantel for $5.00. So we may take it back, or spray paint it and stick it somewhere.

Little sis has been drawin' up a storm the past two days. 

This is my absolute favorite. It's the best pirate I've ever seen.

Oh, ya. And I should say something about the new design. I'm keeping it like this for awhile. I change it too much. But don't quote me. 

Awhile ago I would have never ever put a background on my blog. I always thought it should be white, so the pictures didn't clash with it. But...I like the gray. You?

And that's about all :D What have you been up to lately?

"Be you - everyone else it taken."
-Oscar Wilde

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  1. wow beautiful photos, I wish your mom can do our room haha, oh I wanna make my blog pretty any ideas? I want it simply pretty haha! thanks Haley!