miscellaneous thoughts.

Alternately titled: i have know clue what the title should be.

Some times I really need some new things to take pictures of. Last night little sis and I went on a walk with our grandparents, camera in tow, as always. Here's a glimpse into our walk.

My Grandma spoils us. A lot. She made us this for dessert. That's pudding. Chocolate pudding. With cool whip on top. And chocolate chips sprinkled over it. Mini chocolate chips. She's my Grandma, you can't have her.

This is what I attempted to do with my hair this morning. Ya, I followed a tutorial for that. It didn't turn out right.  Apparently. 

This morning I woke up and my alarm read: 1:41am. It can't be 1:41am! I thought, I must me around seven and my alarm re-set when the power turned off last night because of the thunder storm. I'm proud of myself for getting up at "seven am" without an alarm. I get up and look at my Mom and Dad's clock, that automatically resets itself when the power goes off. It read: 10:23am. Wow.

But really, that picture above is around 11 o'clock. Tell me it doesn't look like it's a least 7 am.

Happy Thursday!


P.S. You may notice the back ground is gone. Ya. I told you couldn't stick with a design for long ;)


  1. Haley, You make me feel so special! I will make you pudding anytime you come to see me!!! I love your pictures! What a beautiful walk we had! I'm sorry we made you sniffle!! I love you so much! I love your glasses! Your hair is darling!! I just love every bit of you!!!! Have a good Sunday!

  2. Wow, it posted. That was tricky. Just wanted to also tell you that overcast cool mornings are great for sleeping in! Especially when you have spent most of the night is dark empty desserted school basements!!! :)