a little bit awesome.

Well, first off...Happy Father's Day, Dad!

(Leaves to make a heart?? Yes, yes?? No??)

Every year in our little town a big "festival" There's a parade, food venders, carnivals, etc. We didn't do much this year...except our tradition, which is roasted corn.

As you get closer and closer to the tent, you can feel the heat coming from the roaster.

I decided I would be bold and take a picture of this guy, ignoring all the odd stares from people in line behind me. This guy needed to be documented. He's there every year. Every. year. I'm tellin' ya. Every. year. It's never someone else. It's always him. Always.

He always wears those earrings too. True. True.

Then after you get your corn, he dips the tip in butter and it runs down the sides. Then you go over and sprinkle as many spices as you want on it. I mean, this guy, has the biggest bottle of Lawry's Seasoning Salt I've ever seen.

Addy with her corn.

Even though it's a tradition, I wasn't about to eat corn and be sneezing all day. So I spotted this big sign across the road from the roasted corn tent. Thelma's Frozen Lemonade. I may have traded corn for corn syrup. Oh well. It was good. 


It was great. 


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  1. The corn looks great! But your lemonade--you know how I have been wanting one of McDonald's. It looks delicious!!!