Alright, I just posted, but here's some random things that I didn't think fit in a recipe post.


Well, let's just say these look amazing. I have never. ever. ever. had a macaroon. But I just love the color in this picture. :D

And next up...a giveaway at Royal Daughters of the King. Now here's the giveaway information:

  • MANDITORY :: Post about Royal Daughters of the King on your blog, including the giveaway information OR e-mail five of your dearest friends {Ladies only please} about our new website with the blog link. ~ Five Entries 
  • Read an article posted in the past at Royal Daughters of the King. Three Entries
  • Comment with your favorite Bible verse, and tell us why it is dear to you. One Entry
  • Purchase something from Farmgirl Treasures Shop ~ 3 Entries

So, there ya have it. Oh, and I guess I should tell you that it's for some cute stationary ;)

Oh ya, and I'm about to change my blog header....again. I just changed it LAST time I posted. I know. I know. 

Have a great day!


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