anne with an "e".

Today I went to the library.  I wanted to check out the Anne of Green Gables VHS tapes. They weren't on the shelves or in the library catalog. The series was on a shelf -- in the back. They said we could borrow them or buy them because they were not in the catalog any longer. "How much are they?" Mom asked. They were 25 cents. So I pulled a handy quarter out of my purse. I couldn't believe it! Anne of Green Gables volumes 1 and 2 for only 25 cents?! Yes. 

I asked Mom, "Why are were they going to get rid of these movies? They're like the greatest ever." She said it was because they were very old. Old is good. Ya. They are old. But they're great!

You see the sticker where it says they were do January 20th? That was me. And the March 25th? That was probably me too. 

Have you every watched Anne of Green Gables? What's your favorite movie?


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  1. I have heard of Anne of Green Gables all my life but I don't think I ever read the books and I'm almost certain I haven't seen the movies. You make me want to do both!!! And to get them for 25 cents--how lucky can you get!!!!! Glad that you OWN them now!!!