i promise there is a reason.

Why is my room so messy? I promise there is a reason. It's called...

...a scrapbook. Would you like to look at a few pages? Here you go.

I don't scrapbook much, but it was a 4-H project (like the room with the curtains), and I really enjoyed it. Since I blog, I download pictures into every post, but I never really see the actual picture printed off. As you can kinda see, the scrapbook is a summer theme. So each page is on something that has to do with summer. 

Ok, so back the messy room. Little sis cleaned it up for me. Yep, those were the before pictures. I don't have any afters, but it looks a ton better. 

Happy Sunday! Jesus ♥'s you!



  1. What awesome scrapbook pages!!! I suppose you did them in an afternoon! You are so creative and the ideas just seem to fall out of you!! BEAUTIFUL!!! That is one awesome sis you have to clean your room for you!!! Can't wait to see "after" pics! Love you so!

  2. PS Is that my kitty in that Chalk picture?

  3. Yes, that's your kitten when she was super little :D