fair time pictures.

Would you like to see a little glimpse into our county fair? It was hot. Like 100+ degrees hot. Haha. We had a good time, and here's a few pictures of the fun. More to come :D

These are the kinds of things you eat at fair ;) (Chocolate chip muffin and chocolate milk.)

Pink lemonade...yum :D

Very creative arts and crafts exhibit. 

I want a bunny. That's all. 

Happy Monday!



  1. Chocolate chip muffing sounds yummy right now lol!
    I like bunnies to but Phil is allergic! :( lol
    Hope you have a great day tomorrow:)
    love your AUNT JENN!

  2. GREAT FAIR PICS!! Such an abundant place of sights, sounds and smells! It is a shame you couldn't capture the heat! What special memories are made at the fair. So glad I could share them with you!!